Week in review: 23 – 29 May 2016

Sometimes it is way too easy to spoof me: yesterday my friend said we’d take the car and go to a beautiful part of New England where there are mountains, ...

Fashion: Stripes, pink & happy

Fashion: Stripes, pink & happy

One of the scariest things happened when I looked into the mirror last weekend: I thought it is really cool to be in my thirties. I am glad I am not ...


Week in review: 9 – 15 May 2016

On Friday I explained to my friend what a blog actually is, and what I’ve written about for the last five and half years. We came to the point where ...


Travel photo diary: Miami

I know, I know. I’ve been back from Miami for four weeks, ... west-outfit-beach-6

Outfit: Pink dress on Key West beach

Seriously, I always seem to get it wrong when I move. My ...
My birthday wish list 2016

My birthday wish list 2016

It is this time of the year … it’s my birthday in ...

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Week in review: 2 – 8 May 2016

What I have learned this week that you always have to be careful no matter what. I experienced this physically on Thursday: it had been raining for days, it was cold, I even put on my winter sweaters once more. Every day was just grey, and our moods turned grim. By Thursday noon I felt […]

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janavar-Travel-Miami to Key West-road trip-paradise

Travel: From Miami to Key West – Road trip to paradise

Key West – the southermost city in the continental US, the southern terminus of Highway 1. Of course we wanted to go there while we stayed in Miami Beach, and even more after I had read Jule’s post of her trip [here]. We first also considered booking a bus tour, but eventually decided to rent […]

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Beauty: My favorite makeup sticks

I remember a friend from university who always used a foundation and a blush stick from Schlecker, a German drugstore that has long since been closed down. Although I found the sticks convenient, I always preferred using other, non-stick products. But a few months ago, I got one of the new Clinique foundation sticks as […]

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Books: 5 chick lit novels worth reading

Books: 5 chick lit novels worth reading

I seem to read different book genres in phases. At the beginning of the year I devoured fantasy novels, and for the last few weeks I have got totally lost in chick lit novels. Finally, I have also found out how I can use my Galaxy Tab to borrow books from the online library. As […]

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janavar-new york city-outfit-jeans dress-3

Outfit: Blue shirt dress in NYC

I love two things: spring and shirt dresses. Spring is self-explaining I guess. As for the shirt dresses: There are always two or three in my closet. For some reason they are always blue. And I wear them way past their expiry date. Shirt dresses are so convenient in my opinion, like in the early […]

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