Friday's Five | janavar

Friday’s Five

1. My view when I leave the house. I can’t get enough of just walking around and looking up. Someone please pinch me because I really really ...

Women's Soccer - Welcome to 21st Century! | janavar

Women’s Soccer – Welcome to 21st Century!

My relationship with soccer started when I was a small child. My parents still tell the story where I apparently planted myself in front of my dad ...

tagebuch der anne frank

Books I Read in Spring 2019 Pt. 2

I know I know. It is the height of summer and I still haven’t even presented all the books I read this spring. When I have little ...


Week in review: 1 - 7 July 2019 | janavar

Week in review: 1 – 7 July 2019

Hello, I am Jana and a Manhattanite. As you ...
July 2019 Goals | janavar

July 2019 Goals

So. July. The month I waited for so eagerly. ...
Friday's Five | janavar

Friday’s Five

1. Today marks the beginning of summer. At least ...

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Recipe: Baked Peach Donuts

My favorite situation in which I eat donuts is actually for breakfast on the weekend – with my boyfriend in New York City. He is that awesome person who gets up, makes breakfast (i.e. he makes coffee and puts donuts from their bag on a plate) and brings it in bed. All the while I […]

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Week in review: 3 – 16 June 2019

In two weeks I have to move out of current apartment. I think this year I am pretty good with packing as there are already plenty of full boxes standing around. Even my closet is almost packed – and that takes up most boxes (yeah, I really don’t know how that always happens …) All […]

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Books I Read in Spring 2019 Pt. 1

I read many books this spring. As soon as I discover a good series, I feel compelled to read all volumes. Recently, I have mostly stuck to the same genre, mainly crime novels. But I think this is going to change soon when summer vacation starts and I have much more time for reading. My […]

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5 Fragen am Fünften – June 2019

5 Fragen am Fünften – June 2019

Since it is June, it is also time for more questions from Luzia Pimpinella‘s five-questions-each-month-project. This month it is all about summer and vacation. 1. Where do you prefer to be? I would say my favorite place is at or close to the sea. Some years I travel so much that I am glad when […]

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June 2019 Goals | janavar

June 2019 Goals

Wow, I can hardly believe that it is finally June. It even looks like winter has left us after seven months. This now is my big month – my last month in Boston, the last month of school for this school year and my moving month to New York City. My monthly goals therefore revolve […]

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