Spring 2020 Photos from the City

4 1/2 weeks at home. Or 33 days. I initially hadn’t been outside much anyways. But today was our first short walk outside in what feels like forever. And it felt amazing. Just this short walk through Midtown, moving a bit, breathing in fresh air. The City is empty and quiet. Almost all people in the streets wear masks by now. It is still strange to see people running on Fifth Avenue. But there are hardly any cars. It feels as if the whole City has fallen asleep, just like in Sleeping Beauty. Every now and then an ambulance racing by interrups the silence. It is strange to see the City so empty and quiet, so utterly changed from its usual constant hustle.

At least spring arrived this year as it should have. Maybe the only reliable thing this year. All of New York City is blossoming. First there were the mangolias, followed by cherry trees, then tulips and daffodils. I wish I could be outside more and enjoy this spring. But it would be ill-advised and so we have to live with a few short walks.

I took these photos over the course of the last 4 1/2 weeks on those short walks.

Magnolia blossoms in Madison Square Park:

Central Park is pretty empty nowadays:

New Yorkers still love to take a walk or bike ride through the park – but all the tourists are missing.

I finally saw a living wild racoon, who seems to enjoy his new quiet life in Central Park:

The Rockefeller Plaza is normally crowded, not anymore. They didn’t even decorate it specially for Easter this year.

Times Square seems even emptier than everything else. This makes sense though as the square is normally the touristic center while locals avoid it.

I love our roof-top terrace because 1) I can sit there quite undisturbed for several hours and 2) the views are just amazing.

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