Say Hello to Ophelia!

The new year is a few weeks old, and I finally find the time to write this blog post. Our year started with a bang when our second daughter Ophelia was born on 4 January.

I woke up just before two on 3 January when my water broke. A little over 25 hours later, Ophelia was born via VBAC. I finally got the birth experience I always wanted, after Josephine was born by planned C-section. I am so glad my doctor and their hospital made it possible to try for a VBAC – and succeed. Although I was utterly exhausted once we finally were brought to our hospital room around 6.30 a.m.

Say Hello to Ophelia! | janavar

Since we went home three days later, we have had a great time. I had seen all those memes about second babies – and am happy to report that, so far, they are not true. Ophelia is just as relaxed a baby as her older sister was. She is a great milk drinker and has long outgrown her 0 to 3 months clothes. Else, she also sleeps well. As Josephine sets much of our daily schedule, Ophelia really has to tag along.

Josephine, on the other hand, is an amazing big sister. She has adjusted so well to not being an only child anymore. By now, she makes sure that “Phia”, as she calls her, is always in her car seat on our dining table during meal times. She also puts plush animals on her legs when Ophelia sleeps.

Say Hello to Ophelia! | janavar

Rich has been on paternity leave until today, which has been great. It makes it so much easier to look after a newborn and get used to having two kids, when both parents are there all the time. Unlike last time and thanks to the VBAC, I have been much more mobile and well. It isn’t bad either that we already have baby experience. This time, for instance, we have divided night duty into two shifts. That way, we both get one good amount of uninterrupted sleep. Because in the morning, there is a very energetic toddler, who deserves our attention just as much. Oh, and our cats, of course, too.

Snuggling up with a newborn (and she is very snuggly one!) still means that we mostly take it slow. But I will try to share more in the following weeks 🙂 .

Say Hello to Ophelia! | janavar

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