My Fall 2023 Plans

The weather tells me no, but I am so ready for fall this year, which is why I cannot wait to share my fall 2023 plans with you. After we spent a beautiful – mostly cool and rainy – August in Maine, we now have gotten an endless heatwave in New York City. Daily temperatures over 30°C are not fun, esp. when I am pregnant. I am so ready to swap my shorts and shirts for sweaters. Sipping pumpkin spice lattes is also a lot more enjoyable when it is at least a little bit chilly. So I am carefully following the weather forecast and hope that temperatures will actually decline over the course of this week (like a nights under 20°C from Wednesday on!!!). Because I want fall and I want it now and I want to do many things before I become too immobile to do them:

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My Fall 2023 Plans | janavar

  • I want to decorate our apartment so that it looks like a fall bomb has exploded.
  • I have even started to knit pumpkins and hope to create a little collection.
  • I want to make our own pumpkin spice syrup.
  • I purchased two Nordic Ware fall pans and want to use them as often as possible.
  • Rich and I want to attend a friend’s wedding in Pennsylvania.
  • I want to rewatch “Gilmore Girls”.
  • It looks like our contractor finally has the time and all the pieces to renovate our upstairs loft area and turn it into a real room.
  • The three of us want to take a trip to Montreal in October.
  • I want us to have a fall photo shooting like last year.
  • I want us to coordinate Halloween costumes as a family and go trick and treating in our building.
  • I hope to be fit enough to go to the “Manga” (Turkish rock band) concert in November …
  • … and then go to Rich’s family in Connecticut for Thanksgiving one day later.
  • I want to prepare a few things for Tiny Dear’s arrival, like going through baby clothes, getting out our baby equipment again, etc.
  • If possible, I would love to just look like a fall lover at pretty much all times :-):

So, cheers to a hopefully amazing and colorful fall! And may most of our fall 2023 plans get realized.

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