Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

We are off to Rich’s relatives in Connecticut today where almost his whole family meets for the big turkey dinner. We are bringing dates wrapped in bacon as well as bagels for tomorrow’s breakfast. I am sure we will all contribute to a giant food coma. But at the same time, it will be fun to see everyone again. We last saw most people in August when we spent our vacation at the Homestead in Maine.

To be honest, it is pleasant to have a few days off. We have been super busy recently with both of us having full-time jobs right now, Josephine being in daycare and having grown into a real toddler, and also me being already 34 weeks pregnant.

This year, I am grateful for so many things:

  • my family because Rich and Josephine are just the best – I think we have found a good rhythm for us, so obviously Tiny Dear will soon switch that up
  • Tiny Dear because, obviously, she already plays a big role in my life even though she hasn’t been born yet
  • Arti and Lotti are still our best kitties and give us so many snuggles – Lotti spends so much time napping on my pregnant belly these days
  • I really enjoy my job and have luckily also received great feedback
  • we are still so happy with our decision of buying our apartment two and a half years ago – at this point we could hardly afford renting in Manhattan, and having our own place (with the low interest rates from 2021) is actually cheaper
  • after 10 months, the cooking gas for our building was recently switched back on – we had a giant gas riser project and therefore had to live with two hotplates and a tiny toaster oven
  • we had a few great vacation trips this year: to Myrtle Beach at the end of February, Maine in August, and in October we went to Montreal for a week
  • generally, life is just really good right now 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

I know I am not very active here on the blog these days – working a full-time job while being pregnant and having a toddler take up all my time. If you want to have more updates, follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my Substack (I try to write one newsletter per week).

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