Three Months with Josephine

Three months ago our Josephine was born – and I can hardly believe it. It feels like it was yesterday (which it basically is, isn’t it?!), and at the same time an eternity ago. With Josephine our days have become very intense, in a great way.

Three Months with Josephine | janavar

On 10 February we went to the hospital at noon for our scheduled C-section as our little girl remained in breech position. When she was finally born, she started screaming immediately and was the loudest baby on the floor – for about 2 to 3 hours. We were really concerned that we might have a cry-baby. But over the last 3 months we have learned that she is actually quite relaxed. Only when she cries, she is still the loudest. Fortunately, that is rather rare and usually for a good reason.

When I made this Instagram Reel today [follow me on Instagram] and looked at all the photos, I realized once more how much Josephine has already grown and developed. She has almost doubled in weight. We recently started to put on clothes on the next size up. A few weeks ago she started to become much more alert and recognize the world around her. She often smiles at us and has even started to giggle last weekend. Besides, she focuses on her play mat nicely and can now hold and shake a rattle.

As I wrote in this blog post just before her birth, I did not have much of a clue when it came to babies. Well, Josephine has taught me plenty of things already. I dare say I am pretty good at changing diapers, breastfeeding, soothing, pushing the stroller while sipping coffee, doing laundry every two days, rocking the baby and even singing to her. I have learned to slow down a lot when it comes to spending active time with Josephine. On the other hand, I have become super efficient when I find the time to do things.

We have already applied for both her German and her U.S. passport. Although they take time so that we cannot travel abroad yet. Together we attended a little party, met friends, went to a pro abortion protest, took the train to Boston to meet her grandparents.

Mostly though we have a set routine at home. We all get up just after 6 a.m. and once Rich has left for work, it is almost time for Josephine’s first nap. Now that the weather is so beautiful, she and I take our first stroller walk early. Her second nap is usually just after noon and we then take a second stroller walk at around 3.30 p.m. We often pick up Rich from work. Josephine then goes to bed at ca. 7 p.m.

Three Months with Josephine | janavar

One of my biggest fears was that we wouldn’t sleep much. But Josephine might have inherited my sleep talent. In general she wakes up once or twice per night. Although there are, of course, also much worse nights where we are woken up much more. Darn those growth spurts! But honestly, we cannot complain at all because we all get a decent amount of sleep.

The other great thing that only recently happened was when our cats, Arti and Lotti, suddenly adopted Josephine as a full member of our family. One day we had her hold their favorite stick string and she waved it around a little. That was when the cats suddenly realized that this tiny human bundle might actually be useful (at least in the long term). So now they keep guard in the evening until she has fallen asleep. The other day, Lotti even sat on Josephine’s feet while Arti lay in the net under the bassinet.

Three Months with Josephine | janavar

While Josephine does very well, I am also immensely happy. I recovered much faster and better from the C-section that I had expected. And I love being a mother and spending so much time with my baby. I am extremely grateful that we can afford for me to stay home right now. Normally, I would have already returned to work as paid maternity leave in New York State is only 12 weeks. Instead I get to soak up every little second with my dear Josephine. Sometimes I still just look at her and am amazed that she is here and so perfect. Interestingly, I am also super relaxed which has come as a surprise. I thought I would be much more rigid and insisting on strict rules from the beginning. Instead I am flexible and easygoing. I am probably the one most staggered by this development, he he.

Next, Josephine will develop even faster (I fear a little) and explore more of her world. Hopefully we will receive her passports soon because I would love to travel with her and Rich to Germany so that my family also can get to know our little sunshine.

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