Weeks in review: 28 October – 10 November 2019

I am a little cranky. I had such a great weekend last week – on Saturday I met friends from Boston. We first had brunch at Sarabeth’s (I highly recommend them!), then took the ferry to Williamsburg, and I walked with one friend all the way to Dumbo and eventually the Seaport District. In the evening we went to the Broadway play “Betrayal”, which I am still not sure about if I liked it or not. On Sunday I then went on a day trip to the Bear Mountains with my new colleagues. It was a boat ride there, and we got to see all the quaint little towns, the foliage, and the big impressive rocks on the sides of the Hudson River.

This weekend then was the first in ages (well in one and a half months) that I hadn’t really planned anything for. And then I fell sick. I have gotten my proper first cold of the season. I am sooo not amused. This cold better disappears as quickly as it came. Because for next weekend I have plans :-).

|Watched| Betrayal (Broadway play), La Bohème (Met Opera), His Dark Materials, Love Actually
|Read| Der Schimmelreiter*, I Heart New York* (again), The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| TNK, The Rasmus
|Done| worked, celebrated Halloween, met friends from Boston, went on a day trip by boat to the Bear Mountains with friends, went to the Met Opera for the first time, met friends for dinner
|Eaten| pizza, stuffed peppers, cheesecake, lots of chocolate, balsamico chicken, nutella tiramisu
|Drunk| water, coffee, peppermint tea, almond chocolate martini, pumpkin beer
|Thought| Of course I get sick on the first weekend in weeks that I have hardly any plans for.
|Been happy| when I got to see my friend from Boston, when I tried the best chocolate martini ever, when we went to the opera …
|Laughed| with my friends
|Desired| An apartment on our floor is for sale and I never even wanted to own a house or apartment, but it would be pretty cool to own that one … it also would be pretty cool to win the lottery and if my bank account had a giant plus.
|Bought| a new WordPress theme, a few more Christmas presents (possibly some for myself)
|Clicked| this is very high up on my to-cook list: Cranberry Cider Braised Beef Stew with Rosemary Polenta; so is this beautiful apple cake: Der apfeligste Apfelkuchen: mehr Apfel als Teig*; I would love to have a bright fake fur coat for this winter: FAUX FUR SEASON // FALL STAPLES

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