Friday’s Five

1. As you can see, my blog has gotten a new look. I hadn’t really planned this … but it was my fault that I “broke” my blog and it was offline for more than a day this week. Lazy as I am, I had used the same theme for the last seven or eight years. And yes, I knew that it wasn’t updated anymore and probably a little outdated. But it was so convenient to keep it and I never really felt that I had the time to change it and … Well, long story short, I wanted to quickly update the PHP and learned afterwards that my old theme couldn’t deal with such a new PHP version. Last night I sat down and spent a few hours to choose a new theme and adapt it as well as possible. Not everything is perfect yet, but my blog is online again. The rest will follow over the next few days or weeks. Oh, and wow, those responsive themes are cool … why didn’t I choose one already like three years ago?!

2. Friends from Boston were here last weekend and on Saturday night we discovered the wonderful Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar on 31st Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway. Almost everything on their menu contains chocolate. I enjoyed my almond chocolate martini very much. I absolutely want to go there many more times. It would also be a great place for a date.

Friday's Five | janavar

3. We watched the first episode of HBO’s His Dark Materials this week. I have read the trilogy* several times and love it. You might remember the movie “The Golden Compass” from 2007 which was rather made for smaller kids. But this new series is head and shoulders better. It is darker and it deals already in the first episode much more with the multiverse theory and the giant power of the Magisterium. Have you watched it? What did you think?

4. Today it suddenly felt like winter. We had 0 °C in the City. When I went to work, it was even colder in the suburbs. Freezing cold. Real feel MINUS 6 °C cold. I don’t think I am ready yet for winter. There is even the first snow forecast for next Tuesday. I might only make it through that day (hello? it is only mid-November?) if we got a snow day … In any case, I believe it is high time to get all warm clothes out and possibly some new ones. Here are some I would love in my closet right now*:


5. I was a big The Rasmus fan in the early 2000s and was delighted when I heard this remake of their hit “In the Shadows”. I have now played this playlist for two consecutive evenings at home and might have to give my boyfriend a break … but I still love their music so much. If only the singer still had those lovely feathers in his hair *sigh*.

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