Week in review: 11 – 17 November 2019

Moment 1 this week: I met with a friend on Tuesday night in the West Village. We were hoping to watch a documentary in a cinema, but the line was way too long. Instead (and after I had remarked that we so obviously don’t live in the Village because a) we are slightly older than average and b) we neither wear high rise jeans nor sagging pants with Old Skool Vans) we crossed the street and went straight into a small Polish diner – it was too bitterly cold to walk outside for more than a minute. The food was different and delicious. After dinner we walked five meters into the next bar. As soon as we entered, my friend exclaimed: “Hey, this is the bar where I had my first date after moving to NYC. And I could never remember where it had been until tonight.”

Moment 2 this week: On Saturday morning I realized we were out of heavy cream, but I needed it both for the pumpkin soup and a cake I was planning to make. I was also very lazy and after some contemplation decided to keep my home outfit on. I put on my warm winter coat and sneakers, but walked with my very visible pair of fleece pants with dinosaurs in pink, purple and blue outside. Only when I got home about fifteen minutes later did I fully realize that nobody had even glanced at my pants (I love them dearly, but I admit that they are not my most fashionable piece).

Moment 3 this week: There were six of us in our apartment on Saturday afternoon to play board games. Canavar is curious, but cautious and therefore watched us from a little corner. The friend who arrived last explained to all of us how much of a hangover she had from the night before. At that point another, an American friend pointed at Canavar and said in perfect German: “Ich dachte, dort ist der Kater.” This made most of us laugh before we explained that in German ‘hangover’ is translated with ‘Kater’ which again also means ‘tomcat’.

Week in review: 11 - 17 November 2019Week in review: 11 - 17 November 2019Week in review: 11 - 17 November 2019Week in review: 11 - 17 November 2019

|Watched| His Dark Materials, Gilmore Girls, Charlie’s Angels
|Read| Der Schimmelreiter*, I Heart New York* (again), I Heart Hollywood* (also again), The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| The Rasmus, possibly some first Christmas songs
|Done| nursed a bad cold, worked, went to the movies with a friend, invited friends for a board game afternoon to our apartment on Saturday, went on a touristy walking tour through Downtown on Sunday
|Eaten| shakshuka, bagels, squash and goat cheese salad, pelmeni, pumpkin soup, buttermilk cake
|Drunk| water, coffee, peppermint tea, prosecco, pineapple cider
|Thought| This is exactly how I imagined living in Manhattan. I regularly go out with friends, one day I go to Soho, the other to the Upper West Side, and on the third to the West Village … I love this!
|Been happy| After a few rather stressful weeks, all aspects in my life seem to calm down a little and I am taking a deep breath before holiday season starts. Oh oh oh, and I was immensely happy when we had an early dismissal at work on Tuesday because of the first snow (okaaayyy, it didn’t even stay on the ground, but it did snow a little).
|Laughed| I recently discovered those amazing fleece pants with dinosaurs on them and got one each for my boyfriend and me – and when we wear them at the same time, it makes me smile and laugh a lot
|Desired| OMG, there is a Harry Potter remote control wand* – this would be the perfect gift for me tbh! And what about some more fall days?! This week was mostly wintery – and hadn’t I just been glad that I had moved to NYC and would avoid those horrible 7-month-long New England winters???
|Bought| I “renovated” my underwear drawer
|Clicked| this Our 2019 Thanksgiving Menu and Guide is useful because it is less than two weeks until Thanksgiving and we have started planning the dinner as my boyfriend’s family will come here; Simone published three posts about staying and eating in Brooklyn this week – maybe I could leave my island soonish and explore that Brooklyn place a little more 😉 : Brooklyn Guide: Lieblingsplätze & Food für die New York Reise – von Brooklyn Heights bis Carroll Gardens; I can totally relate to this: A Few Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to New York City;

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