Week in review: 9 – 15 August 2021

This week we finally announced more publicly that we are expecting our first baby. Also, our big order of furniture was delivered. So it seems to be all coming together. There are still quite a few boxes standing around and it will take us a bit of time to unpack, but mostly our apartment is now nicely done up. I love that, despite all the furniture and our things, there is still so much empty space. Space that over the next few months and years we are likely to fill at least in part with kids furniture and toys. I am already curious to see how the kittens will react.

The only problem we have encountered with our furniture orders is that so many things are sold out these days. My closet for example is only halfway done. I could order neither the inside shelves nor doors – I still ordered the other half because I hope that Ikea will not discontinue their Pax line after so many years. That will, unfortunately, make it hard for me to get rid of the final boxes. I mean we have all read about supply shortages by now, but it feels much more annoying when we are directly affected. It does make us appreciate much more the things we can purchase though.

|Watched| Tatort, Scooby-Doo, Suicide Squad
|Read| Lord of the Rings, Yashim Cooks Istanbul: Culinary Adventures in the Ottoman Kitchen
|Listened to| the news
|Done| had to deal with a few bureaucratic things, set up a few pieces of furniture
|Eaten| leftovers, enchiladas, fesenjan, pasta
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| work permit, where are you?
|Been happy| when our giant Ikea furniture order was delivered
|Laughed| tbh little, it wasn’t my best week
|Desired| the other half of my closet
|Bought| nothing after all our big recent purchases
|Clicked| more black writers: The Influential Black Authors Who Deserve Your Full Love & Attention; useful tips: Tips for Balancing Work + Life; interesting article about indie ice cream shops in New York City: The Cutthroat World of $10 Ice Cream

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