Week in review: 16 – 22 August 2021

It is almost the end of August and normally I would prepare for the new school year. This year I am more in a state of frightened rabbit in front of a snake because I still haven’t received my work permit. No work permit – no work. I am unsure how to deal with the idea of staying at home while all my colleagues return to school. What will I do all day long? More naps? Does that mean I have to clean the apartment every day? Should I get a duster to turn into my (retired) mother? What motivates people to get up when there doesn’t seem to be a purpose? When I feel totally unwanted and unneeded, after having worked full-time and paid all my taxes in this country for the last six years. When I know that my application is complete and somebody just needs to press a last approval button.

Yes, I am struggling here. There are only 9 days left until I would have to hold the actual work permit card in my hands. So what I really need is a wonder. Esp. because I hate daily dusting.

|Watched| Tatort, Outlander, Resurrection Ertugrul, several documentaries on sustainable living
|Read| Lord of the Rings
|Listened to| the news
|Done| my parents-in-law arrived on Monday with a few pieces of furniture for us and we went out for several meals with them, I met a friend for a long walk on Thursday, I also took long naps, we went to a Jason Mraz concert on Saturday evening which was then cancelled thanks to Hurricane Henri, stayed inside on Sunday because it was raining cats and dogs all day long
|Eaten| Korean BBQ, eggs benedict, Turkish meze and an eggplant dish, vegan potato and coconut dhal, grilled vegetables with different dips, quiche
|Drunk| water, coffee, non-alcoholic beer
|Thought| I need a wonder to obtain my work permit in time
|Been happy| when Rich finally managed to install our amazing new blackout blinds in the bedroom
|Laughed| about the kittens exploring every single new piece in the apartment
|Desired| my work permit
|Bought| just a lot of fresh produce on our farmers’ market
|Clicked| mostly research on trying to find a way to get my work permit (I think I have tried everything)

© janavar

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