We Are Expecting a Baby

Now that we have moved and settle down, it is time to share some more good news with you: I am pregnant. We are expecting our first child in February 2022.

We recently revealed it with Lotti’s help:

* Grellis = the portmanteau created from Rich’s and my last names

We are super excited. Well, not so sure about Lotti. But the rest of us is. I am now at the end of week 14 and feel much better than a few weeks ago. Initially I had to stop drinking coffee because it made me extremely nauseous. As did the smell of Manhattan on a warm summer day. I never knew how much the City could stink until I got pregnant. Let’s just say I was really happy that my summer break started after the first few weeks of my pregnancy because I could stay inside at home. After that a giant fatigue set in. I could sleep even more than usual. Again, thank god for summer break. At this point I am less exhausted, the nausea has disappeared and I can have some weak coffee.


The other weird problem I encountered was that I didn’t fit into my normal clothes anymore, mostly my pants, already at 9th week. By now I have a few pregnancy clothes because they are just more comfortable. My belly is very obviously pregnant and it definitely doesn’t like to feel boxed in. But, more importantly, so far all medical exams have shown that our baby is healthy and well. As I am older than 35, I enjoy every single preventive check-up including a million blood tests and ultrasounds like at the nuchal translucency scan. During that procedure our baby was moving and turning around so actively that it took them a long time to assess the NT size.

I can’t believe that in a month we are basically halfway through the pregnancy already. It doesn’t seem very far away until we get to meet the actual little human. And that is also a scary thought – because, while I know much and understand kittens, I don’t yet feel the same way about human babies. Here’s to instincts that I have heard kick in immediately 🙂 !

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