Week in review: 8 – 14 May 2017

Everything is slowing down now, which feels great after I feel that esp. the last few weeks were immensely rushed. But my biggest projects are finished now *knock on wood* and I have more time in general. I therefore took the whole weekend off to attend a college graduation I was invited to. I immediately drove up to Syracuse in Upstate New York after work on Friday. I am still surprised how big the U.S. is. Distances always look so small on the map, but in reality they are huge. It is about 310 miles (or 500 km) to get from Boston to Syracuse – and New York is a neighboring state of Massachusetts. At least there is an interstate connecting both cities. This leads me to another topic I am always surprised by: Americans always want to go to Germany to try the Autobahn because there often isn’t any speed limit. Also, people used to tell me that the police in the U.S. is strict and immediately pulls drivers over when they exceed the speed limit on the highway. But everytime I drive (ok, so far like five times a year), everybody drives faster than the limit of 65 miles per hour (or 105 km/h). From my experience, most cars move at a speed between 75 and 85 mph. And even though there are police cars in the middle of an interstate from time to time, they don’t seem to stop all those speedsters. Meaning that also in the U.S. I can basically drive as fast as I want to. That at least is my impression after two years in the country. I’ll continue to watch this.

|Watched| GNTM
|Read| Unterm Rad, This is Life
|Listened to| The Weekend, Harry Styles
|Done| worked, went to a college graduation in Syracuse, NY for the weekend
|Eaten| pasta, steak, salads, chocolate bars, burger
|Drunk| water, coffee, cider, coke
|Thought| I love driving, it’s so relaxing.
|Been happy| I spent the whole weekend with very nice people.
|Laughed| W
|Desired| my own car
|Bought| a gorilla pod, a graduation present, many things at Aldi
|Clicked| I mainly used Google maps to find my way to Syracuse and back home.

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