My May 2017 Goals

May is my favorite month. We might be still working on the reasons this year, but I’m sure I’ll eventually grow my deep love also for May 2017. Surely, I won’t have to wear my winter coat for another three weeks?! But I am very grateful that our property manager hasn’t switched off the heating yet. I am also glad that I spent those two weeks in the Caribbean in April because it might be a long time until I can sunbathe again *sob*. At least from the way the weather forecast looks these days. But I can always hope for improvement and until then I am looking forward to reaching some of my goals.

My goals for May are:

  • food shopping only when I’ve eaten or used something up;
  • and also less eating out – I’ve noticed that I’m often eating a burrito on the way home or going to the supermarket during lunch break instead of bringing lunch from home;
  • blogging more regularly again;
  • not ordering an Uber all the time, but relying more on public transport again (or maybe even using my bike, but I won’t be too optimistic);
  • exploring more of Boston again because esp. in spring it is such a beautiful city;
  • attending a university graduation in New York State next weekend – I am very excited for this event because one of my former high school students from Istanbul has invited me (and yes, they grow up so fast);
  • celebrating my birthday – I haven’t set a date for the party yet, but I really want to celebrate with my friends;
  • going away for Memorial Day weekend – that’s the only long weekend we have in May and I think it would be lovely to go somewhere else;
  • reaching for a better work-life balance;
  • empty my desk and the basket next to it.

May Goals

My goals for April were:

  • no food shopping unless it is something that I don’t have any substitute for √ – it was also easier because I was at home for only two weeks;
  • no online shopping unless it is something I’d die without √ – I am so proud to have stuck this out;
  • really find a new roommate √ – yes, I’ve found one on the day before the deadline, and he’s genuinely nice;
  • enjoy my two weeks on the beach in the Dominican Republic √ – oh yes, absolutely! I can’t wait to finally show you more photos;
  • exercise more – that should be possible during my vacation because the hotel has a gym, I only need to feel good Χ – ehm, I guess I snorkeled and swam somewhat, but I didn’t really exercise on a regular basis;
  • start decluttering my wardrobe and try to sell some pieces online Χ – oops, I instead bought another dress, but I really need to declutter for reasons of space;
  • as well as some beauty products √ – that worked way better, and even though I could do more here, I have already sold some;
  • really start making plans for the summer Χ – I haven’t, but/so I guess I won’t go away a lot;
  • throw away the disgusting carpet from my room because vacuum cleaning doesn’t seem to work there √ – I did that immediately after publishing my last monthly goal post.

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