Outfit: Flamingo Love

My endless love for cats is widely known, and I can only hope that I won’t get only things with cats on them for my birthday this year. No, seriously, even though I love them, I also love other things and animals. And every now and then I like to wear or use stuff without anything meowy on it. I also am a big fan of flamingos for instance. I can only guess that that is due to their awesome pink color because I’d never keep any bird as a pet. They are quite disgusting as I learned as a teenager when friends of mine had budgies. Anyway, I am still waiting to see a wild flamingo. It is something I was hoping for last year in Florida and again this year in the Dominican Republic – but unfortunately, that beautiful bird seems to hide from me, or rather I am never in the right place.

Outfit: Flamingo Love
Flamingos live at salt lakes, and I usually stay at the salty sea. But I am sure that one day I’ll go and see them. And I’ll be exuberantly happy on that day. My love for flamingos made me buy the summer dress for my last vacation. I like that flamingos are printed all over. Also, the dress is quite airy, but not translucent thanks to a full slip. I wore it a lot during my vacation.
Outfit: Flamingo Love

One evening, my dad and I took a walk along the beach in order to see what lay behind the corner. The beach actually ended, and the shore became extremely sharp-edged. I am no expert, but I think it might have been part of a former reef because it looked like dead and fossilized corals. On most parts, plants were already growing over. Nevertheless, it wasn’t my best idea to take my flip-flops off for the photos. I could step hardly anywhere without fearing that I cut my feet. I didn’t, fortune favors fools. By the way, this alliteration would also work fabulously as: Fortune favors flamingo fans.

Outfit: Flamingo Love Outfit: Flamingo Love

Dress: Dezzal
Bag: Marc Jacobs

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