Week in review: 7 – 13 January 2018

Last week wasn’t very exciting. I worked six days and then felt really tired and sick. I even had to call in sick yesterday and spent the day sleeping. I guess my body just isn’t anymore what it used to be. I dimly remember that, when I was at university, I sometimes would party until 4 or 5 a.m. and still sit pretty awake in lectures by 9. Sometimes even hungover. When did that ever stop? I mean that my body stopped functioning normally with so little sleep. And it is not even like I party or drink much. The last time I went to a club was in June. No, nowadays work tires me already. Although saying that, it is January and report card grades are due at the end of this week. So I probably worked around 65 hours – the normal school days, then continued grading and planning lessons at home, and another five hours on Saturday at a different school conducting exams. I am also quite sure that I never worked 65 hours when I studied. Although maybe at the time my body would have dealt with the amount a lot better. I hope you all feel well and have a slightly more relaxing January!

|Watched| Ku’damm 56 (Part 2 and 3), Ku’damm 59 (all parts)
|Read| Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix*
|Listened to| little (esp. since I didn’t drive my car much)
|Done| worked, worked more, had to call AAA to get a jumpstart for my car, then had to take my car to the auto repair, then had to work on Saturday, then was exhausted and felt sick
|Eaten| soup, orzo salad, pasta, squash, clam chowder
|Drunk| water, tea, coffee, beer
|Thought| one should either work less or be compensated more
|Been happy| that my boyfriend came to Boston this weekend; when I saw the sum of my federal tax return
|Laughed| when my boyfriend tried on a white fake fur scarf that was clearly meant for women
|Desired| that my car doesn’t have any issues, oh and I really want/need my camera back from the repair
|Bought| paid the car repair bill
|Clicked| one more thing I want to go to in New York City: New York Food Courts und Smorgasburg Food Festival

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1 thought on “Week in review: 7 – 13 January 2018”

  1. Hallo 🙂

    Also bei 65 Stunden die Woche ist das echt kein Wunder! Das hat dann nichts mit dem Alter zu tun! 😉 Wenn Messezeit ist und ich am Wochenende jeweils 10-12 Stunden arbeite, bin ich anschließend auch totmüde.

    Ich habe im Januar schon 2 meiner Vorhaben umgesetzt. Nachdem mein Fitnessstudio im Sommer geschlossen wurde, habe ich ein neues gefunden und ich besuche wieder einen Englischkurs. Aber dafür habe ich jetzt eine Grippe bekommen.

    Ich hoffe, dir gehts gut und du hast mehr Zeit zum schlafen. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße aus Leipzig


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