Recent Empties – Starting New in 2019

I used to share my emptied beauty products with you regularly and it helped me a lot in being more conscious about all the products I own. Plus after all those years of blogging and reading blogs, I still enjoy reading empties posts on other blogs. So I have decided to collect my empty bottles again and blog about them before eventually throwing them into the trash.

The first things I realized by collecting them once more are that I still have many products and I usually use several of the same category at the same time. That again makes it harder to use them up. But let’s also be honest: I haven’t been a product minimalist when I started blogging and I still haven’t become one over all those years. It is not going to happen.

Face and Body Care Products
Recent Empties - Starting New in 2019 | janavar

Bath & Body Works Purrfect Potion gentle foaming hand soap: I obviously bought this soap because of the black cat on the packaging. Oh, and I really love Bath & Body Works. But then it took me ages to empty this orange soap and at one point I didn’t want to see it anymore. It smelled sweet and did its job. But except for the package design there wasn’t anything special about it.

Treaclemoon Winterberry Melody bath foam: Whenever I am in Germany, I stock up on bathing products because I have a feeling that there is a bigger variety there. This one smelled nice and subtly, but it could have produced more foam for my liking.

Yves Rocher Almond Orange Blossom relaxing shower oil: Yves Rocher stores can be found all over Europe, but not in the U.S. Then I stumbled upon one of their stores in Montreal a while ago and, of course, had to buy something. For old times sake, you know. This shower oil was lovely, I specifically enjoyed the smell and that it left my skin already slightly moisturized.

Yves Rocher Olive Petitgrain relaxing bath & shower gel: This shower gel was average, but the size was great for traveling.

Laura Mercier Tarte Au Citron soufflé body cream: I had heard so much about the soufflé creams that I once ordered four or five different smaller sizes. And while the consistency felt great, I didn’t like the sweet smell. It took me a very long time to empty this cream. Esp. considering the high price, I am not going to buy it again.

Aveeno Daily moisturizing body yogurt Apricot and Honey Lotion: Last spring my friend took me to Costco for my first time and I was blown away. So this is the kind of supermarket people talk about when they talk about U.S. supermarkets and their huge sizes. I ended up buying, amongst other things, a package with three different Aveeno lotions. I loved this one because of the smell, the open package (I could easily use everything up), and my skin looked well-kept.

Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion: This lotion was in the same package and I love it. I’d totally buy it again if I didn’t still have other body creams lying around. It is affordable, it has a nice, almost runny consistency, it makes my skin look good, and it does not contain any fragrance. The only thing that annoyed me is the pump dispenser because it leaves quite some amount of lotion behind.

Recent Empties - Starting New in 2019 | janavar

Rival de Loop Revital Q10 neck and décolleté creme: I have used this one for years. I get it from Germany and I like to believe that it prevents all those little wrinkles on my neck and décolleté.

Sun Ozon hair protection spray: This is another product from Germany that I always buy again and again. It is a sunscreen for hair and I mostly use it in summer.

Clinique All About Eyes serum: I have used up several of these little roll-ons over the years. I tend to use it in the morning because the serum is also a good basis for makeup.

Blend a Med White Luxe toothpaste: I try different toothpastes every now and then. This one did its job, but I didn’t get the feeling that it whitened my teeth.

PS Smile dental floss harps: I had never used floss harps before, but absolutely loved them. They were so easy to use. The only big issue I have is that they produce a lot of unnecessary plastic waste and this is why I haven’t yet decided to purchase them once more.

Block Island Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 (PR Sample): I liked this sunscreen when it was new, but I didn’t use it often enough and now its consistency has changed. So I’m throwing it away.

Tonymoly Super Peeling Liquid Shiny Foot: This is my (not so) secret weapon for nice feet. I use this peeling about once or twice per year. A few days afterwards, old skin peels off in bigger pieces and leaves beautiful feet behind. Better than any pedicure.

Makeup and Perfume

Recent Empties - Starting New in 2019 | janavar

Wet’n’wild Max Volume Plus waterproof mascara: This mascara is wonderful, esp. for its small price (about $ 5). The result is according to its name: my lashes look thicker and longer. I have already bought it several times and will definitely use it in the future.

Wet’n’wild Photofocus eyeshadow primer: This is one of my holy grails. I have tried different primers over the years, but none was ever as good as this one. It makes my eyeshadow stay where it’s supposed to be for at least a day.

Dior Addict To Life: I loved this perfume. It had a great subtle, floral scent. Unfortunately, I believe this specific scent has been discontinued. Otherwise I’d buy it again as my every day perfume.

Michalsky Berlin III: I can’t remember how I ended up with this perfume, but to my nose it was horrible. I tried to give it several chances, but the strong smell of sandalwood, vanilla and amber just made me want to gag. The bottle is still full, but this perfume really has to go.

Versace Eros: This scent is actually for men, but I liked the sample (at least for evenings during vacation in the Caribbean).

My Philosophy samples: Those were another two tiny samples, smelling mainly fresh. I have started to take more samples with me when I travel so that I slowly can use up all those little bags full of them.

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