Fünf Fragen am Fünften: January 2019

Last year I participated about twice in Luzia Pimpinella‘s five-questions-each-month-project. After that I lost my motivation to blog in general because all the other stuff came up. Nic asks five questions every month and everybody is free to answer them. This year I hope to do a little better because I quite enjoy reading about personal information on other blogs, so I hope you do, too.

1 What do you wish for in 2019?

I already wrote about my goals for 2019 last week. But I guess wishes are slightly different. First of all, I wish for my personal life to improve and that all plans will come off as good as possible. And I have quite a few plans. I could do with a bit of smooth operation. Even though this is a little contradictionary to said plans, I would like everything to slow down a little. I am slowly realizing that I do not have the energy to race through life for a long period of time. So some breaks would be highly appreciated.

Also, I hope that Canavar, my boyfriend, and my family and friends keep well and fit. When I think about it, for instance, I am surprised that Canavar is turning already 8 this spring. I am aware that that is not particularly old for a cat, but I have lived with him for so many years and we are so used to each other that I don’t ever want him to become sick or frail.

If I look a little further afield, I wish that the U.S. will get a grasp of its federal politics, that the shutdown will end soon, that no wall will be built, that the president either keeps stumm or will be replaced. It would be even better if the world in general would remember their democratic values and oppose all those power hungry, conservative, oppressing men who feel they want to tell everyone what to do.

2 Do you want to learn something new this year? What?

I would like to improve my Photoshop skills. I have subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud, but I still use it to little. And I definitely don’t yet know all the possibilities the programs offer.

I think more important though is that I don’t plan to learn something new just because I feel like it once or twice. I remember a whole long list of things I started and then cancelled doing fast. Instead I rather want to improve exisiting skills. Like I have a lot of wool, but I haven’t knitted in a long time. So that’s something I would like to take up again.

3 How personal is your furnishing and which is your favorite piece of furniture?

My furnishing has never been very personal because so far I have always known that everywhere I lived was temporary. I have two favorite pieces of furniture though: an old wooden chest from my great-grandma that still states her husband’s name and the place they lived in before the Second World War. The other piece is a TV stand from the 1960s, which I inherited from my granddad. These are the only two pieces that move with me wherever I go because I attach memories and family history to them.

This doesn’t mean that I would not like to own something nicer than the cheapest Ikea furniture, but as long as I don’t settle this is not and cannot be my priority.

4 Which flowers do you like to buy for yourself?

I don’t buy flowers for myself that often (but I love to be given flowers). I have many home plants that are more important to me because they last much longer (although some have died in this very apartment because there is too little light). If I buy flowers, it is usually in the supermarket because I feel I want to buy something pretty next to all the necessary groceries. But I like most flowers. I guess if you pressed me, I’d say I love lilies of the valley, these small roses, big yellow roses, lilac, and lavender.

5 Is your zodiac sign reflected in your character?

I think so, yes. I am a gemini and we are supposed to be gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, nervous, inconsistent, indecisive, and have the ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas. I think most of that applies to me. I love to try new things and like to be creative (I also consider my job as a teacher creative because I have a lot of freedom and can decide myself what and how to teach). I would say I have the different faces Gemini are famous for. I can be very social and outgoing, and then I come home, close the door and just enjoy to be alone. I love my routines, but then I can be extremely spontaneous (and come home with a new tattoo or piercing). Oh, and I really suck at making decisions. I could stand in front of the freezers in a supermarket for half an hour and still wouldn’t know which frozen pizza I wanted over the others. I really like my zodiac sign because I have always regarded gemini as fun, but not superficial people.

What I find even better is my first name in combination with my starsign. There was a pre-Roman god, Janus, god of bridges. He had two faces and never knew if he looked forward or backwards. I sometimes joke that I basically have four different faces.

What about you?

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