Week in review: 7 – 13 December 2020

The last week of teaching in school for this year is over. We now have one week of remote learning in order to enable people to travel home. At this point I am glad that I never booked any flights to Europe, even though there was a short time frame when I seriously considered going. But with the virus spreading on both sides of the Atlantic and Germany now in a strict lock down, I would have not missed much.

Instead I have planned a few fun things while also working through a list of tasks. On Friday afternoon I already drove to the closest Lidl and had my personal moment of absolute joy. I love how many German products the supermarket carries and stocked up on imported Christmas chocolates, coffee, and good German bread. During this coming week I hope to take walks through the City and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. I haven’t yet reserved any times for ice-skating because there is also a blizzard coming up. Besides, I plan to go to Dyker Heights for the first time. Oh, and if weather and time permit, I might take a little trip to an outlet mall. These days, everywhere is so empty that it is quite enjoyable to go to all these places. And since I am still expecting a strict(er) lock down for New York State (although indoor dining in the City is again forbidden from tomorrow on), I might as well go as long as everything is still open.

|Watched| The Great British Baking Show, Holiday Bake Off, Bombshell
|Read| Wicked Twist of Fate, Wicked Ever After, Dropping Like Pies
|Listened to| Christmas music, Taylor Swifts newest album
|Done| worked, went ice skating, sent Christmas cards and packages
|Eaten| fennel, parsnip soup, lentils
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, eggnog
|Thought| So Taylor Swift published two new albums this year … and what have I achieved?
|Been happy| when I drove to Lidl on Friday afternoon for a little big shopping spray
|Laughed| how my friend and her family reacted at our DIY Christmas projects
|Desired| still all the things on my Christmas wish list, and a bit more sleep:

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|Bought| beautiful beautiful grocery things at Lidl including German Christmas chocolates
|Clicked| we love ramen and will try these recommendations: MY GUIDE TO THE BEST RAMEN RESTAURANTS IN NYC; more Christmas movie and series recommendations: From The Vicar of Dibley in Lockdown to Christmas Countdown – The Festive TV Here to Save Christmas 2020; Germany today chose a strict lock down: Germany Locks Down Ahead of Christmas as Coronavirus Deaths Rise; poor big kitties: Snow Leopards Are the Latest Cats to Be Infected With the Coronavirus


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