Week in review: 30 November – 6 December 2020

What a weekend. It was so full of Christmas fun for us! While the work week before that wasn’t that exciting, we took the time to do many Christmas activities on the weekend. First of all, I dressed us in almost matching Christmas PJs. We look all perfect when we dress up the kittens as well, ha ha.

We started to write our Christmas cards. Although I must say that it takes quite some time to write them since I write with my fountain pen and try to sum up the year. It will be another few days before we will have sent all 50 cards. We also had two big DIY projects that we followed through. They were so much fun and we really enjoyed them. I can’t tell you more as the products are Christmas gifts. Besides, we decorated our apartment. After all we decided to forgo a tree this year because of our wild kittens, but all the other pieces of decorations are out.

Christmas cookies are still on our list, but we have got two and a half more weeks until Christmas. So we surely will have much more holiday fun.

|Watched| The Great British Baking Show, Back to the Future III
|Read| Caffeinated Calamity, Black Cherry Betrayal, Coconut Milk Casualty, Rose Petal Revenge
|Listened to| Christmas music all the time
|Done| worked, went ice skating, met friends for a German dinner on Friday, Rich and I had a weekend full of Christmas fun
|Eaten| pizza, schnitzel, pasta, Red Lobster Ultimate Feast
|Drunk| water, coffee, peppermint tea, wine, eggnog, mulled wine
|Thought| I can’t believe the kittens – they always jump up my back when I have just started a video call
|Been happy| something worked out very well for me
|Laughed| I had a giant amount of fun with one our DIY Christmas projects
|Desired| all the things on my Christmas wish list of course 🙂

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|Bought| many German sausages at the German butcher on the Upper East Side, a new trash can for the bathroom
|Clicked| I have always liked actual handwritten paper letters: A Love Letter To Having Pen Pals; I love reading about how smart cats are: House Cats and Wild Cats Aren’t Actually That Different; a very interesting read about Hasidic Jewish communities: When One Parent Leaves a Hasidic Community, What Happens to the Kids?

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