Cozy Up at Home on Cold Winter Nights

The first snow storm of the season has arrived. It started to snow this afternoon and by now snow is covering all of Midtown. It is really pretty, esp. considering that I sit at my desk right at the window. The many wet and heavy flakes are constantly falling and accumulating to several centimeters on the ground. The City seems to have stopped plowing the roads a while ago. So the few cars and buses driving on Lexington Avenue are extra slow. There are still some few people walking on the white sidewalks. Some carry umbrellas, most are well wrapped up. And every now and then I can hear someone shoveling the snow.

Earlier on today I convinced Rich to visit once more the Rockefeller Christmas tree and see the Saks Holiday Light Show. It was quite empty around there. Most likely because it is 2020 after all, the middle of the week and there has been a weather warning. So of course it was extra special and wonderful. We didn’t stay very long though because the snow quickly turned us into snowmen plus Rich was cold (wrong choice of coat) and, on top of it all, my mascara dissolved (wrong choice of non-waterproof mascara).


While I can’t wait to walk through a white Manhattan tomorrow, tonight it is much more pleasant to stay at home and cozy up. Rich is here. The kittens are here and love to cuddle with us or sleep on us. Our apartment is warm, but just in case – because I feel cold so easily – I love to wrap myself in our nice new fleece blanket and have extra warm feet thanks to my fluffy slippers. As soon as it gets darker outside, we switch on our fairy lights and the candle arch and we light candles. When we don’t watch TV, we even switch on the app imitating an open fire for us. That always makes me feel extra warm – great placebo effect. Besides, there are always chocolate and Christmas cookies within reach and I love sipping the chocolate mint tea I discovered last week. And once we are all snuggled up, I either watch TV or read.

Recently we (or I) particularly liked on TV

  • Dash & Lily on Netflix – What could be prettier than a love story at Christmas time in New York City???
  • The Great British Baking Show: Holidays – more baking show, less pressure, more fun
  • Christmas Cupcakes on Amazon Prime – an uplifting movie including a baking contest
  • Home Alone 1 & 2 – an absolute must every single year
  • The Princess Switch: Switched Again – as fun and cute as the first movie in the series

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Since I will spend a lot of time over the next few weeks at home, my list of movies to still watch is also long. I am a person who watches certain Christmas movies every single year. So “Love Actually”, “The Grinch” (old) and “The Grinch” (new cartoon), and “The Holiday” are definitely still on my list. Alternatively, I read a lot. It was only last Saturday that I finally registered with the New York Public Library [read here what I read last month]. Now I have access to even more books online (for free!). It might be a quiet Christmas vacation this year, but I will enjoy it a lot nevertheless.

How do you spend the cold days at home? And do you have any more TV recommendations for us?

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