Week in review: 6 – 12 February 2017

Great news for me: Because it is snowing so much and there is even a snowstorm forecast for tomorrow, Boston’s mayor has called out a snow day for schools tomorrow. Since I am one of the lucky ones who live in an apartment complex where the superintendant is responsible to clearing the ways, I can just stay inside tomorrow. I have some poor friends though who must go out there tomorrow and shovel. Even though it might sound like the people are overreacting to a bit of snow, it is nothing like that. There are masses of snow coming down in a short period of time, and once the heavy wind starts, you lose almost all visibility. It takes the city hours to clear the roads. On top of that they don’t know anymore where to put all the snow. Worst thing in this case is that the next blizzard is already forecast for the end of the week.

Actually, we also had a snow day on Thursday, which I was grateful for. I was sick for most of this week and spent most days in bed. But now I feel so much better. I think this is also the first week in years which I didn’t drink any coffee in. As soon as I got sick, I lost all my normal appetite for coffee. Instead I drank liters of herbal tea, lay down, watched a lot of TV (as you can see when you look at all the films I listed), and took one nap after another. But I’m sure over the next few days my usual desire for the hot black drink will return, no worries. So I’m predicting that it is going to be a rather relaxed week: I have one extra day off (minimum), which also leaves me more time to get tasks done, and on Friday afternoon winter break already starts. Basically, the snow has arrived just in time.


|Watched| Ella Enchanted; Dirty Grandpa; Man in the Moon; Equals; Hilfe, wir sind offline!; Sophie kocht; Der Klügere zieht aus; Der Stinkstiefel; Richterin ohne Robe; Denk nur an uns beide; GNTM; 16 Wishes; Plötzlich Türke
|Read| New York Times, Time Magazine, The Bastard of Istanbul, Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy
|Listened to| 80s and 90s music
|Done| worked, stayed in bed sick, started working again, enjoyed a snow day, went to a friend’s birthday party
|Eaten| pancakes, imam bayildi, pide bread I made myself
|Drunk| water, tea, hot chocolate, sahlep
|Thought| Being sick puts me in a really obnoxious mood.
|Been happy| at my friend’s birthday party because so many of my friends were there and the music was great
|Laughed| at many satirical videos
|Desired| snow days (that wish was immediately granted)
|Bought| a new laptop charger, dresses *oops*
|Clicked| many #28daysofblogging posts, otherwise mainly movies on the TV/Youtube videos (also on my TV) – like these:

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