15 Things to Do on a Snow Day (or on Any Other Day Off)

Today was an amazing day. I mean every extra day off is wonderful. I am grateful to Mother Hulda and the masses of snow she is granting us with. It actually didn’t snow much anymore, but it was very windy. But seriously, I would never complain about a snow day because there are so many things I can do at home. In winter it is great to have an excuse for not leaving the house for a day or two. Also, I still have to work through a whole list of tasks that it is ages since I have felt bored. To me this start into a now short working week was excellent. Here are some ideas what we can all do on snow days – or snowy Sundays – or, you know, basically on any day off:

  • Sleep in. I actually managed to be wide awake at 6 a.m., something that on normal work days hardly ever happens. But I just stayed in bed for a little longer, snuggled with Canavar, and watched a movie.
  • Take the time and enjoy a big breakfast. It is so relaxing to have time and have breakfast like on weekends. One of my favorite recipes for this is shakshuka [recipe here].
  • Read a book. Isn’t it great to snuggle up in a blanket and dive into another world? When I am alone, I start reading during breakfast.
  • Call somebody. The only people I talk to the phone on a regular basis are my parents. But I haven’t talked to most of my friends who live in other countries in several months because the time difference makes it already difficult to find a suiting time. We usually write Whatsapp messages though. But on a day off I can make time for a call since I am not sleeping when they have time or the other way round.

  • Read the newspaper. I have gone back to reading a paper one, and even though I receive the New York Times only from Friday to Sunday, there is enough for me to read for a whole week.
  • Get work done. I get so many more tasks done at home, esp. writing e-mails. Plus it is a day when I save so much time because I don’t have to commute. In total I worked about seven hours today, and I am thankful for the time, esp. because I lost so much of it last week when I was in bed sick.
  • Do the laundry. Always important. Although I noticed that the monster of a washing machine even tears laundry bags. Like seriously?!
  • Take care of your body. In my opinion it is splendid to take a bath in the morning, but also applying a mask or painting your nails is pleasant.
  • Have a nice lunch. Food is important so I made İmam bayıldı – I am going to publish the recipe tomorrow. It is delicious and at the same time healthy. I don’t want to get another cold.

  • And talking of food: Have coffee and cake in the afternoon. This might be my favorite German tradition, at 3 p.m. you have one piece (or more) of cake and drink a cup of coffee. My parents for instance have it every day, I wish I had time for it.
  • Take a nap. That is my favorite part of an extra day off because I love taking an after-lunch nap. Canavar and I lay down and slept for about an hour.
  • Wash your makeup brushes. This is one of those tasks that I always postpone. But when I can’t leave the house, I even get this done.
  • If possible, take a walk. This depends on the weather, but I remember my first blizzard two years ago. It suddenly stopped in the afternoon, and so I went outside and enjoyed the snow [here]. If the weather is too bad, even I might feel like doing some exercise inside. Luckily there are many Youtube videos with instructions.

  • Write a letter. My granny is always happy when she receives a letter from me. So I try to make time for writing her at least once a month.
  • Make a list of things to do. And then start doing them. I realized that I need a doctor’s appointment for a checkup, invited friends for breakfast next week, and wrote several events in my calendar.

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4 thoughts on “15 Things to Do on a Snow Day (or on Any Other Day Off)”

  1. Hello Jana,
    wow, habt Ihr viel Schnee wieder 😮 Schick mal welchen rüber 😉 Wir haben 10 Grad PLUS und Sonne 😉

    Deine Liste gefällt mir 😉 Kaffeezeit hat der Opa im Hause auch noch immer…täglich um 15 Uhr wird die Kaffeekanne eingeschalten und er trinkt seinen Kaffee. Manchmal gesellen wir uns dazu, aber meistens nicht, da wir um 16.30 Uhr Abendbrot essen und ich dann oft schon vorkoche.

    LG Ivi

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