10 Facts about Me

This is a post I always like to read on other blogs, so here are 10 facts about me:

  1. I sometimes wear glasses. I am slightly farsighted, which usually isn’t any problem. But when I am stressed and/or have to read much, I get a headache. This is why I need my glasses. So usually I only wear them at home and only about five to ten times a year. Also, I’ve head the same pair of glasses for almost ten years. They do a great job.
  2. I need a lot of sleep. It runs in the family. Like my granddad and my dad my perfect sleep duration is 9 1/2 hours. Obviously, I usually don’t get as much sleep because I don’t want to go to bed at 9 p.m. But I know that my whole me works best when I sleep that much.
  3. I usually buy more than I need. In all product categories. This is why I always have way too much food at home, but also beauty products, books to read, empty notebooks, etc. It is a habit I can’t really get rid of. Whenever I enter an Aldi for instance, I already know that I’ll only exit with at least 5 bags full of things – and I then have enough food for half a year.
  4. I always wanted to become a teacher. It’s true, I said that already when I was in kindergarden. My mom used to be a school secretary, and it was the greatest pleasure for little me to visit her and spend time in the school. Later on I also thought I might want to become a lawyer or a doctor, but I always came back to teacher. And I really love my profession!
  5. I have hardly biked in seven years. I have a bike though that stands outside and is right now totally covered in snow. When I still lived in Germany, I used to cycle a lot. But once I moved to Istanbul, it turned out that that was too dangerous. Even though I bought a new bike when I started living in the U.S., I almost never use it. My muscles just aren’t used to biking anymore. Also, it is still quite dangerous here. And I just prefer walking. I don’t think this will ever change.
  6. Sufism fascinates me. Even though I am an atheist, I find Sufism and mysticism very interesting. I enjoy watching dervishes whirl, and I especially like Rumi and his work. I am still disappointed that I didn’t get to go to Konya last summer, the town Rumi lived in.
  7. I don’t like organizing. To be honest with you, I hate it. I hate organizing important documents, ordering things, and especially keeping deadlines. Usually I get those things done under pressure, but that’s it.
  8. I love technical devices. I am happy with my Alexa, my TV, and of course with my smartphone. I think it’s exciting what machines men can build and what those can do for us.
  9. I speak almost only German here. This is a sad fact. My life here mainly revolves around Boston’s quite big German community so that I only speak English with my roommate or when I do things like shopping. I spoke more English even in Istanbul. I haven’t found a way around it yet because I seem to spend most of my time at work or with workmates, so obviously we talk in German.
  10. I am bad at geography. I mean I know where all the big countries are and their capitals. But when my parents and I booked our vacation in the Dominican Republic, I actually had to google where the country is. Although I love travelling, I have never been interested in geography. At all. I also describe places by them being “there on the left”.

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3 thoughts on “10 Facts about Me”

  1. Oh finde Fakten Posts auch immer super, man lernt die Blogger dahinter dann nochmal etwas besser kennen 🙂 Da sind auch sehr interessante Fakten dabei – mit der geografie geht’s mir ganz genau so! So rudimentär kann ich schon alles irgendwie zuordnen, aber manchmal googel ich auch und bin dann direkt überrascht 😀

  2. Ich mag es auch wenn die Blogger sich auch mal persönlich vorstellen. Das mit der Brille geht mir genauso, vor allem wenn ich lange am Computer gearbeitet habe. Schönes Bild.
    Liebste Grüße

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