Week in review: 30 October – 5 November 2017

This year I decided to wear a very comfortable costume for Halloween. Being a teacher means that both many of my colleagues and students dress up. So obviously I didn’t want to be the party pooper. Although I must admit that I felt better driving to work in my own car instead of taking the bus like last year. I mean not that many people go to work dressed up. I also think that this year quite a few drivers looked at me and thought I had lost my marbles (as if they had never seen a woman with cat ears and whiskers …). At school they of course knew that I was just dressed as my spirit animal – the big wild cat. I hereby also learned that elementary school kids don’t know the difference between a tiger and a leopard. But obviously I had spots and was therefore the latter. I might have overwhelmed some people with too much of the leopard pattern – outside I wore my leopard print coat, too. But overall I had lots of fun. My onesie was so cosy as were my furry shoes. I had already planned for this costume last November when I found the ears and tail on sale. Even my colleague’s dog Teddy liked me as a cat. Or maybe he was just too nice to complain.

Since I live in an area where kids don’t ring on the door to ask for chocolates (basically, there are hardly any kids living here or in the streets next to mine), I went out with friends on Halloween evening. Our favorite local brewery, Aeronaut in Somerville, had a Halloween trivia. And I didn’t know any answer because all questions were about favorite murders and horror movies. I hate watching them, so I never do. At least my friends knew much more than I did, the beer was good, everybody was dressed up, and so we had a fun evening.

Onesie: Primark (old)
Shoes: Zara (old)
Leopard ears & tail: Claire’s (old)

|Watched| Thor Ragnarok, John Wick 2
|Read| L’histoire du Québec en 30 secondes, Blood Brothers
|Listened to| Manga
|Done| worked, had an extra evening at work on Wednesday, celebrated Halloween and went with friends to a trivia, attended the opening of an art exhibition of the Boston Turkish Festival, went to the movies
|Eaten| bagels, pizza
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer
|Thought| I loved when the job of a teacher didn’t mean to constantly receive and write e-mails
|Been happy| I went to Aldi on Monday and bought a lot of German Christmas foods like stollen
|Laughed| a lot, e.g. when watching “Thor Ragnarok”
|Desired| more time just for me to relax
|Bought| two books to reactivate my French; oh, and my favorite bookshop had %20 off everything …
|Clicked| I can totally identify with Kerstin’s opinion: “Honey, you can love your body and still want to change it”; I laughed when reading Erin’s “Awkward & Awesome Thursday” (look at their Halloween costumes!!!); this is a great experiment that I would love to try: “How to Save $500 (or More) in 2 Weeks”

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