15 Things I Look Forward to before 2017 Ends

There are eight weeks left of 2017. This is still almost a sixth of the whole year. I usually don’t believe that the year changes much within its last two months. So far 2017 feels to me like the year where so far I have had to adult most of all. I really hope that for the rest I won’t have to deal anymore with getting broken things repaired or replaced, or with mistakes in insurances, or with allergies or injuries. What about a nice and cosy romance for a difference? Or a win on the lottery? I’d really appreciate both instead of having to deal with bills and stress.

Then again I also just realized that I’m going to travel to at least four different places in four different countries in this coming period. If this doesn’t cry out for excitement, I don’t know what would. And besides my travels there are many other things I look forward to before 2017 ends.

janavar.net | 15 Things I Look Forward to before 2017 Ends

  1. Wearing my fluffy coats – When leopard print and fluffy fake fur coats came into fashion, I really wanted to go shopping for some. Then I realized I already have had both for several years [I even posted photos of one here]. Finally I can wear it without people looking at me disapprovingly … just because somebody said they were in fashion right now …
  2. % 20 off at Sephora – The U.S. Sephora gives this big discount from 10 to 15 November when you are a VIB Beauty Insider. Time to order something I have wanted for a long time.
  3. At least one more photoshoot – I haven’t attended any shoots of the Boston Instagram community since I cut my finger. But now that it is healed and I can use it again, I also feel like taking plenty of pictures.
  4. Winter foods – It is the perfect time again for hot soups like this Turkish yogurt soup [here] and Christmas cookies [recipes for cranberry macaroons and stollen pieces here in German].
  5. Thanksgiving break & Montreal – We get a five day break and I am going to spend it it in Montreal. I repeat myself. I know. Mais le Québec, c’est merveilleux!
  6. Putting up all my Christmas decorations – This year I do it the American way: I am going to take out all my Christmas decorations and buy a tree directly after Thanksgiving.
  7. Driving to work and home in my car – It’s warm in there, and I save so much time every day.
  8. New movies – “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Justice League”, “Wonder”, “Jumanji”, … I might try to go to the cinema once a week.
    janavar.net | 15 Things I Look Forward to before 2017 Ends
  9. Staying at home more – When it is cold and dark outside, I don’t mind staying at home more. Lighting a candle. Cuddling with Canavar. Taking naps. 
  10. More time for reading – I still have a big pile of books that I want to read.
  11. Jake Bugg concert on 5 December – I went to his concert in Boston last year and I like both his music and his live performance. He also published a new album recently. That is why I bought a ticket for this year’s concert, too.
  12. Hot chocolate – There is no better time than long November and December nights to drink huge amounts of hot chocolate.
  13. Going home for Christmas – I am not excited (yet?) about going to Germany, but it’s great to see my family.
  14. Christmas – To sum up: presents, food, TV, plenty of sleep.
  15. Spending New Year’s Eve in Istanbul – I can’t wait to be once more in my favorite city. A friend recently told me that Istanbul has changed much since I last was there in August 2016. So I am both excited and anxious to explore this changed version.

What are the things you look forward to before this year ends?

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2 thoughts on “15 Things I Look Forward to before 2017 Ends”

  1. Na, willst du wirklich nach Istanbul fliegen?

    Ich hoffe hingegen, dass sich bald die Freude auf Deutschland einstellt. Deine Familie wartet bestimmt schon sehnsuechtig. 🙂

    Liebe Gruesse ueber den Teich!

    1. Ja, meine Eltern freuen sich schon :-). Ich finde unser Dorf im Nichts einfach nicht so spannend, aber natürlich wird es schön sein, viele Menschen mal wiederzusehen. In Istanbul treffe ich mich auch mit Freunden und ich bin sehr gespannt auf die Stadt. Ich glaube nicht, dass es dort gefährlich ist, jedenfalls nicht mehr als früher. Lg

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