My November 2017 Goals

The year is flying by, it is already November. That sounds weird to me because we still have more summer than fall days here in Boston. But even the White House this week published a paper admitting that humans cause the climate change. Finally some understanding. I mean what if we got a really mild winter – and no snow days at all? I’d be shattered, as would be all my students. Than again, I don’t necessarily want snow yet, at least not this month. I am hoping for a more or less average month – weatherwise, workwise, etc. This year I am not going to spend Thanksgiving at home, but in Montreal. That city has left some impression on me …

In November I want to:

  • practise my French to be able to talk more to Montrealers;
  • publish at least two blog posts a week;
  • maybe go to a training in NYC (depending on their idea of a registration);
  • host a dinner for friends;
  • attend some events of the Boston Turkish Festival;
  • try not to buy a lot on Black Friday unless it is something I really need or absolutely want when there is a very good deal;
  • enjoy another five days in Montreal – or maybe even go to Quebec City for a day?;
  • see the Leonard Cohen exhibition in the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal;
  • plan my Christmas vacation in detail. | November 2017 Goals

In October I wanted to:

  • do all the required paperwork for my finger injury √ – I eventually sent the letters.
  • have a great weekend in NYC with two graduates from my school in Istanbul √ – That was an amazing weekend. We just walked around and talked for hours.
  • explore Montreal during fall break √ – My new favorite city. Which is why I go there again for Thanksgiving and stay in the same hostel [here].
  • do something I haven’t done before √ – More or less. I mean I have never been to Montreal before; or watched people chatting each other up and commenting on it together with a stranger.
  • go to the Gripin (a Turkish rock band) concert in Boston on the last day of fall break Χ – I was too tired to go there.
  • invite friends over for dinner at least once Χ – I invited them alright, but then with me being sick we had to postpone the dinner.
  • have my car’s windshield repaired Χ – Eh, no?! At least the crack hasn’t become any bigger.
  • start practising my Turkish again on Duolingo √ – I did and really like that app.
  • book a hotel for when I’ll stay in Istanbul for New Year’s Eve Χ – I couldn’t decide for one yet.
  • start thinking of Christmas presents √ – I have got quite a few by now.

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2 thoughts on “My November 2017 Goals”

  1. I think I should also start planning more in detail. I always have so many ideas about the upcoming months and then everything seems to start living its own life. Never as planned 😉
    Greetings from Graz,

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