Week in review: 26 April – 2 May 2021

May is my favorite month – I mean obviously, esp. since my birthday is coming up. But also because right now the weather is perfect. As in it is warm, but not too warm. And also not too cold. Last night Rich and I walked all the way home from the top left corner of Central Park. Basically the part that is the furthest from where we live. It was such a pleasant night and it smelled of elderflower everywhere.

Today I spent several hours on our – finally – furnished roof top. I worked a bit and I read for pleasure. Although I now can’t wait to sit on the bigger terrace once we have moved. On that note, we have started the lengthy coop application process – which feels remarkably easy this time because we already have pretty much all required documents because of my Green Card application. Also, we have started to pack the first few moving boxes. I love to start with books because they are easy to pack and, as I mostly don’t part with them, I don’t have to think much.

|Watched| Summer in the City
|Read| Arsenic and Adobo; Hex, Drugs & Rock and Roll; Great Balls of Fury; People We Meet on Vacation
|Listened to| Teoman
|Done| worked, cycled to Battery Park on Monday, almost finished filing our taxes, started the coop application process, went to a friend’s birthday picnic in Central Park on Saturday
|Eaten| picnic, pasta, banana bread, curry, shrimp and grits
|Drunk| water, coffee, hart seltzer
|Thought| Why TF did the coffee pot break when I took it out of the dishwasher on Thursday evening??? Absolute tragedy!!!
|Been happy| most of the time because the weather has been beautiful and I got many things done
|Laughed| a lot after one too many hart seltzers with my friends
|Desired| a working coffee machine and a few other things:

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|Bought| we actually ordered a fully automatic coffee machine (but delivery will take about 2 weeks)
|Clicked| new book recommendations: 12 Books Penned by Muslim Authors That You Should Read Next; I love the monthly backgrounds free to download: Free, Downloadable Tech Backgrounds for May 2021!

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