Week in review: 19 – 25 April 2021

Another busy week, and April is almost over. Now that my wrist is back to almost normal (it is still a little stiff sometimes and swollen), I get all my work done much faster. Which feels excellent. It also means that I have a little more time for fun things. Like when I met my friend on Saturday and spent half the day with her. We looked at a rental apartment she is interested in, explored that neighborhood and enjoyed the warm spring sun.

In other news, our attorney informed us on Friday that we are finally officially in contract for the Condop we want to buy. A huge step towards that beautiful-amazing-fantastic apartment, which is in a former printing press building and thus has 4 meter high ceilings and giant windows. I hope I don’t jinx it, but I really can’t wait to move in and feel super cool living in that apartment. And to spend my summer vacation mostly on the building’s furnished rooftop – with a view of Midtown.

|Watched| Dark, Godzilla vs. Kong, GNTM
|Read| One to Watch, Tschick, The Office of Historical Corrections, A Little Slice of Death
|Listened to| Turkish CDs in my car
|Done| worked, spent the Saturday outside with a friend, went to the movies with Rich on Sunday morning
|Eaten| Turkish dinner with meze, manti and hünkar begendi; nohut; red curry; cheese babka
|Drunk| water, coffee, champagne
|Thought| it feels like we are doing everything at once now – what if we feel bored next year?!
|Been happy| when we officially were in contract for the condop we want to buy
|Laughed| Arti managed to sneak through the door into the hallway when we got home Friday night – the neighbors heard her meow and, when they opened the door, she immediately snuck into their apartment – they then knocked and we got her back
|Desired| these things:

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|Bought| two dresses and a jeans at the Rent the Runway sample sale; we ordered moving boxes
|Clicked| if this is true, I should never suffer from dementia – sleeping is my absolute super power: Sleeping Too Little in Middle Age May Increase Dementia Risk, Study Finds; super important: Making Peace With My Quarantine Body; I found this a great read, esp. for me as a teacher, but it would be even more important for affected parents: How to Intervene When Your Kid Is the Bully

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