My May 2021 Goals

May might become quite an exciting month. It seems that New York City is fully reopening over the next few weeks. Plus the weather of course only improves from this point on. So we can hopefully restart social activities again. So far it has felt like I moved to the City – and then it quickly shut down. Now things are looking up and I (the introvert, who wasn’t bored even once during the last 14 months) can’t wait to plunge into activities and hopefully parties. Speaking of parties, I hope this year for my birthday we’ll do more than just ordering food (like last year). I think I want to celebrate with my friends as well as with Rich. Outside of home. Also, I think this is the first time since I moved to the U.S. that my birthday is a whole week away from Memorial Day. Yay!

While I can’t wait to do all these things and enjoy NYC to the fullest, May will also be a busy month with work and our apartment purchase. Fingers crossed that by the end of this month we already know our closing date and have set a moving date. Nevertheless, we have to move out by the end of June anyway so I really want to get going with the moving process. So far the biggest effort I have made is reading more books from my TBR pile in order to not having to move them anymore, haha.

My goals for May 2021 are:

  • file taxes
  • go to Coney Island for the first time ever
  • continue the meal planning we recently started to mostly use up as much food as possible
  • learn immediately how to use our new coffee machine (once it arrives)
  • do something more for my birthday than just going out for dinner with Rich
  • finish the online advanced training course about inclusion
  • sort through and pack about half my belongings into boxes
  • bike around the City more often (like at least once a week)
  • blog at least twice every week

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3 thoughts on “My May 2021 Goals”

    1. Ja, es wird Zeit! New York öffnet zum 19. Mai wieder alles ganz und wir sind schon sehr gespannt. Hoffentlich klappt das alles gut. Andererseits werden inzwischen ja schon alle ab 16 geimpft, so dass der Virus sich inzwischen viel langsamer verbreitet.

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