Week in review: 24 – 30 October 2016

This week wasn’t very exciting, but more like a little break in between. I managed to finally set up a new bookshelf that had been standing in the hallway for two weeks; save my photos on my external hard disk drive; and even get enough sleep. Since I didn’t make any big plans for the weekend, I had plenty of time to go to the market with a friend yesterday, where I did not only buy chestnuts and the usual amount of fruits and vegetables, but also a huge piece of salmon for only $ 6. It is not really clear to me why almost only people with a migrant background visit that market every weekend. Food in the US is so expensive that this market is a gift. The food they sell there are the leftovers which wholesalers couldn’t sell to the supermarkets during the week – and therefore it is way cheaper, often only a third of the supermarket price.

I am grateful that we discovered the outdoor market last year because it certainly has saved us already hundreds of dollars. Also sometimes we find “exotic” foods like quinces or leeks, which you normally wouldn’t find in a supermarket. I even discovered that I buy far less processed foods now because it is easy and fun to cook. Besides, it has become our routine to go to the market every Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and drink coffee afterwards. Sometimes we go inside the Public Market, a big building in Boston where they sell only expensive organic foods, other times we cross the street and explore Little Italy. The second option is actually cheaper, but more dangerous because there are several amazing Italian pastry shops. They even make white nougat there. But since we had time yesterday, we ate many Italian cookies and cake pieces. And I took some nougat home.

|Watched| Divorce, Younger, Gods of Egypt, Jem and the Holograms, Teachers
|Read| The Forty Rules of Love
|Listened to| my favorite playlist of Turkish rock music
|Done| worked, also went for a conference to the Massachusetts State House, met friends
|Eaten| fried liver, chicken piccata, French toast, Italian pastries
|Drunk| water, coffee, a lot of tea, hot lemonade
|Thought| I haven’t been in NYC for a long time.
|Been happy| when I spent several hours with a friend in a pastry shop in Little Italy
|Laughed| when I watched the series “Teachers” together with friends
|Desired| My body doesn’t seem to be able to decide if I’ve got a cold or not – it would be great if I hadn’t.
|Bought| a new electric toothbrush
|Clicked| my friend Manjy went to Disneyland in Tokio and I’m quite jealous; I’ve always wanted to travel to Iran and regret that I haven’t gone yet every time I read a travel post like this one: “Debunking myths about Iran”

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