Have a spooktacular Halloween 2016!

Can you believe that it’s already the last day of October? For the last few days there have been many funny animals, batmen and skeletons running around because it’s Halloween! I must admit that I still don’t see the point in celebrating Halloween big in Germany, but then again I haven’t lived there for a while. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mind dressing up for a little party, but I think it’s not necessary to send kids around trick and treating or buying all the decorations. It makes me think that Halloween was mainly introduced to Central Europe to make money out of it. I don’t mind celebrating it in the US because it has got a long tradition here (albeit it is an expensive one: I was told that some family spend several hundred dollars on sweets).

Last year I didn’t know that also many adults dress up when they go to work. I ended up being pretty disappointed that I hadn’t arrived at work in a costume. Therefore I am of course far better prepared this year. I actually had so many ideas for costumes that I’m hoping there’ll also be a carneval party in February to dress up again. This weekend I looked through photos of Halloween costumes I wore in previous years, only to realize that I don’t have great pictures or sometimes even none at all.


The first time I ever went to a Halloween party was in Istanbul in 2011. My best friend and I had a great time preparing for that party as the most important part of our costumes were wigs and colored lenses. The lenses didn’t turn out to be such a great idea though: I remember that I had to go to an optician to help me, and it still took ages to insert them. I never used them again. A year later I dressed up as a devil, but can’t find any proof. Anyway, in Istanbul we always went to a club for the Halloween party because except for expats and few Turks nobody cares about that tradition.


Even though I didn’t manage to dress up for work last year, I was invited to a Halloween party at a friend’s house and decided to do something simple: a creepy ballerina. That meant I could wear clothes I already had and live it all up with the makeup.


My first idea for this year’s Halloween was being a witch. Apparently, it is the most boring costume according to Halloween pros, but I enjoyed putting the costume together very much. Last weekend for the Halloween photo shooting of my Boston Instagram Meet I went as a witch, even though I left some stuff at home like my broom and a black toy cat. I think I’m very good in impersonating an evil witch. But then one of my colleagues offered me some more costume parts and so my final idea for today was born.


I am Maleficent, “the Mistress of all Evil”. It was weird leaving the house this morning in a costume, esp. since there wasn’t anybody else dressed up in the streets yet. But it turned out to be great fun walking around as Maleficent. My bus driver asked me not to jinx him, some cars honked, and I felt mostly evil, hehe! I swear it’s an amazing Halloween 2016!


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