Week in review: 17 – 23 October 2016

I was out so much this week – four evenings and almost all of today – that I feel exhausted. But in a really good way. There will be enough days soon when I’ll just stay at home and enjoy the warm coziness. The end of October is when people in Boston still go out, especially since Halloween is coming up. Today I already went to a big Halloween photo shooting, which was great fun. It also felt really good to return home because I was freezing. All it takes then is to slip into my fluffy bathrobe and put Canavar on my legs. I’ll spend the short rest of the evening watching some television – like the latest episode of “Divorce”, the new HBO series with Sarah Jessica Parker, which I really like. I know that in Europe you’re almost getting up again. I wish you a good start into the new week!

|Watched| Joy, Divorce, Spider-Man 2, Fantastic 4, Younger
|Read| The Forty Rules of Love
|Listened to| some Turkish rock
|Done| worked, went bowling with friends, saw the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, went to two birthday parties, attended another Boston Portrait Meet
|Eaten| Turkish yogurt soup [recipe here], muffins, shakshuka
|Drunk| water, coffee, hot chocolate, pumpkin beer
|Thought| Wow, my credit score is pretty good if you take into account that I’ve lived in the US for such a short time.
|Been happy| even when I was was outside when it started pouring yesterday – because the atmosphere was so pretty then
|Laughed| about a lively discussion on Crocs (ugliest! shoes! ever! to my mind)
|Desired| I think I need a new electric toothbrush because mine seems to give up after more than five years
|Bought| two books
|Clicked| “The ultimate NYC weekendbeauty tour”, „Das ist doch alles nicht real! {Wie ich mein Instagram-Profil führe}”


© janavar

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