Week in review: 24 – 30 January 2022

Yesterday we finally got all the snow I had wished for. It started snowing on Friday and continued all through Saturday. Unfortunately, we learned last year that I am quite accident prone on snow [here]. So this time I decided to rather stay inside and just admire all the snow together with the cats. Rich instead took his cross-country skis out of the closet and went skiing along the East River.

Else, not much happens around here these days. We tried the external cephalic version on Tuesday to turn the baby from breech. For this we spent the whole morning in hospital and two doctors tried to push her around. But she refused to move. I assume she is just as stubborn as her mom – since there isn’t any obvious reason why she is in breech. Well, except for that she seems to like it. At this point it looks like we will have a scheduled C-section in a bit. I’ll take a few more naps until then :-).

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Mix Up in the Mediterranean, First Peoples, The Queen’s Gambit

|Read| Cultish, Percy Jackson 3 – 5

|Listened to| the new The Rasmus song, a few playlists

|Done| had 3 doctor appointments: 2 checkups, 1 (failed) external cephalic version; enjoyed a lot of time and naps at home, went on a date night with Rich

|Eaten| avocado toast, pork souvlaki, 3 course meal at a French restaurant (we went to NYC restaurant week after all), African takeout

|Drunk| water, coffee, fruit tea, coke

|Thought| finally a snow storm

|Been happy| that my ob-gyn took my worries about the C-section very serious

|Laughed| the ECV made me laugh a lot (as a reaction to the pain I guess)

|Desired| lots of things that didn’t exactly work out, meh; also, I am ready to wear “normal” clothes again:

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|Bought| groceries from Aldi (via delivery)

|Clicked| I liked this review and wish Aldi had the full product line here in the U.S., too: ALDI LACURA SKINCARE | THE HITS & THE MISSES; great advice for flying with babies – I am sure we will need this in the nearer future: Fliegen mit Baby und Kleinkind; the New York Times has a game to teach us how gerrymandering works: Can You Gerrymander Your Party to Power?

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