Week in review: 15 – 21 February 2021

I have had better weeks than this. Esp. considering that this was my one week of winter break. My one week to gather energy for the next few months. But after all my energy levels feel more like minus 10. A full success so to speak.

First I had to recover from my previous fall. The whole right side of my body hurt and I couldn’t move around as much as I used to. But slowly things got better and by Thursday I felt almost like my old healthy self again.

Thursday was also the day of my second Covid vaccination appointment. I was super excited. When a snowstorm was forecast for that day, I was even afraid they might cancel my appointment. But that didn’t happen. So I left the house just before 1 p.m. to get my second vaccine shot and become, hopefully, immune for a while. Two blocks from home though I slipped on a patch of ice. The sidewalk – like so many in front of the many empty storefronts – hadn’t been cleared. I fell straight on my right side again, only on my wrist this time. While I sat there on the ice, trying to overcome the pain to get up, nobody helped me at all. I managed to get up eventually and knew that this time I had damaged myself better than in the fall a week ago. My wrist immediately swelled and got hot. It also hurt horribly. The only thing that made me bear the pain was my vaccine appointment. For some reason it was so deep in my mind that I was more afraid of missing it than anything else.

So I still took the subway to the hospital in Harlem, but informed Rich already on the way that I would have to go to the ER immediately after my appointment. I was even lucky and got the vaccine half an hour earlier. By then I gad taken off my coat and saw my deformed wrist, which I couldn’t touch or use for anything. The nurses of the vaccine service told me it looked broken. They even were so kind to walk me directly from their unit to the ER – I think I have never been so glad about being in a big hospital so that there wasn’t any need to leave for somewhere else.

Later on X-rays and an orthopedic doctor confirmed that I had broken both wrist bones – one of them was smashed and broken into the joint. Unfortunately, they had to relocate the bone before they put my arm up to the elbow in a cast. Let’s just say that made me scream out loud. Eventually I was discharged and Rich picked me up. Since I have been at home and felt a lit of pain and self-pity. Even though I am ambidextrous, I am mostly helpless with only one hand and arm. I need Rich to help me constantly and am immensely glad and grateful that he dies so. Tomorrow we try a new adventure: I’ll go back to work – hopefully without another fall. Please keep your fingers crossed.

|Watched| Chesapeake Shores, lots of Hallmark movies, GNTM
|Read| Dances With Witches, All the Pretty Witches
|Listened to| nothing in particular
|Done| recovered at home, left the house for my 2nd Covid vaccine appointment and broke my wrist
|Eaten|pizza, pancakes, pasta, chocolate, painkillers
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| 2021, so far you suck, too!
|Been happy| yeah, no, not so much
|Laughed| also not so much
|Desired| to be healthy
|Bought| velcro sneakers
|Clicked| mostly just the TV remote to start Hallmark Movies Now

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