My 10 Best Buys This Winter

So far winter 2022 has been really cold here in New York City. This weekend we are finally expecting our first major snowstorm (a little late since the first one last winter was already in mid-December). While I am still thrilled, I am also aware that in a few weeks I’ll be very fed up with the season – that usually lasts here until late March. But I am happy that, over the last few months, I purchased 10 amazing products to get me through winter 2022. Here are my 10 best buys this winter:

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janavar - My 10 Best Buys This Winter: Primark winter coat

1. Primark winter coat

I started looking for a winter coat early. Basically, as soon as I realized that my pregnant belly didn’t fit into any of my coats in the closet anymore. While I wanted a warm coat, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. But maternity winter coats are really pricey. When we were in Boston over Thanksgiving, I visited Primark and found the perfect coat: big, long and very warm. Also, it is made of recycled materials. I wear a size L and paid only $45. Really, I love this coat and wear it all the time (or more like: disappear in it). It keeps me perfectly warm and has that ideal shawl/hood situation.

alternatives here and here

2. Primark bucket hat

The fluffy bucket hat was just a fun buy when I bought my winter coat at Primark. I didn’t really need another hat. But it looked so cute. Plus it reminded me of the 1990s when I wore a summer bucket hat. Well, turns out that this hat is my second most worn piece this winter (besides the coat). It keeps my head warm and me happy.

janavar - My 10 Best Buys This Winter: Primark bucket hat

alternative here

3. Lulus platform boots

After I slipped last winter – twice – and broke my right wrist – once -, I decided it was time for some safe winter boots. These platform boots are perfect: they have a non-slippery sole, are waterproof and very warm. I also love the platform shape – talking about the 1990s again … I wore them on Wednesday when I walked quite a bit through -5°C cold Manhattan and didn’t get cold feet even once.

4. Lulus zip-front boots

These boots are also excellent. I also find them pretty and they match plenty of outfits. The front zipper makes it a little easier for me to put them on – yes, my belly is in the way to put on shoes and to tie them. Actually, I haven’t worn shoes with laces since at least November.

janavar - My 10 Best Buys This Winter: boots and slippers

5. Amazon soft plush fleece slippers

This is already the second pair I own of these pink fluffy slippers. They are just so cozy and perfect to wear at home. Even though they are cheap, they are of great quality. The first pair lasted about two years – and I wore them every single day.

6. Lulus faux fur sandals

These faux fur sandals are more of a fun item. I wear them as slippers inside, mostly as a minor alternative to my pink fleece slippers above. But they are super cute and I can totally see me wearing them also outdoors once it gets warmer (significantly warmer though).


7. Dr. Jart Cicapair tiger grass cream

I have mentioned this face cream before on my blog [e.g. here]. It has saved my facial skin for three winters now. Since the air is extremely dry here, I need an effective moisturizer to prevent my skin from flaking. And that is exactly what this Dr. Jart cream does. So far I haven’t yet found a better alternative.

janavar - My 10 Best Buys This Winter: Dr. Jart Cicapair tiger grass cream & Dalan d'Olive pure olive oil hand cream

8. Dalan d’Olive pure olive oil hand cream

I know this olive oil hand cream from Turkey. It is super cheap and super effective. Initially I used it because, when I worked as a teacher, blackboard chalk killed my hands. But it is also excellent during NYC winters and rescues my dry hands every single day. As I couldn’t find the cream here for a decent price, I just ordered a pack of twelve online (contains 20 ml each) – I am not worried about emptying them at all.


9. Shein cat humidifier

Yeah, dry air. Our apartment is full of it, despite our plants and open water sources like the cat fountain. So I bought this cute cat humidifier, which now sits on my bedside table and sprays water into the air. While it is small (and in the long run we might need a bigger humidifier), it works in its spot. And have I mentioned already how cute it is? Like cat cute?!

janavar - My 10 Best Buys This Winter: Yamaha Arius YDP-164 digital piano

10. Yamaha digital piano

I gave the Yamaha Arius YDP-164 digital piano to Rich as a Christmas gift. A big and expensive gift, but also he bore me and my bad mood for many months last year. So he possibly deserved an even bigger gift. Anyways, I love that we have a piano and that Rich regularly plays it. He took piano lessons as a kid and, at least in my non-expert opinion, he is still very good. I am sure the cats agree because they always listen attentively as well. Arti also always jumps onto the piano and sits there while watching him play. Even though I don’t play the piano, I love it as a 1) pretty piece of furniture and 2) a fun device to play on during this long winter. Besides, I see it as a great purchase for years to come.

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