My February 2022 Goals

January passed by in a jiffy. At least for me. The first month of 2022 was characterized by getting everything ready for the baby. And a good amount of self-pity for myself because I felt uncomfortable for a lot of the time. Funnily, that has changed over the last week. Walking is not as tiring anymore and I don’t suffer from terrible daily backache anymore. Maybe I have just learned to take more breaks.

February, of course, will be all about the baby. Or the transition to suddenly having a baby. It has actually come as a total surprise to me that I face this whole change calmly. I expected myself to be anxious and controlling. But instead I feel relaxed and that we will take it day by day. I mean we have managed to keep the cats alive … how hard can it be for our baby to survive 😉 ? My February 2022 goals are not that exciting, but that allows more progression over the next months.

My February 2022 Goals | janavar

My Goals for February 2022 are:

  • go and see the Lunar New Year’s celebrations
  • do a few things alone with Rich before the baby comes, e.g. a game night, a nice dinner
  • finish a few last projects before the birth (both at home and on the blog)
  • give the cats as much attention as possible so that they will not feel neglected
  • make the best of the birth situation (cause C-section) and enjoy having a baby as much as possible

My Goals for January 2022 were:

  • pack my hospital bag in time – I did that in early January
  • wash all baby clothes – that took actually longer than we had thought
  • try to take at least one 20 minute walk per day – I tried my best, but on some days I took a break due to the weather and discomfort
  • take several books to the little free library around the corner – well, one counts, doesn’t it?
  • use my paper content planner and create a schedule for at least the first quarter of 2022 (and stick to it)
  • prepare blog posts for February as much as possible
  • visit the dentist – we never figured out if I had dental insurance or not and I also didn’t feel like even more appointments
  • prepare our tax return as much as possible – we haven’t even gotten most tax documents yet

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