Week in review: 23 – 29 August 2021

Another week has passed – and still no work permit. It is not easy, but I am slowly coming to terms with the situation. Mostly because there is nothing left for me to do. On the plus side – and this is an insight I gained after talking to my ob-gyn this week – I get to look after myself (and thus the baby) and get plenty of sleep. I also spend much time with our kittens. Besides, I think we have never eaten as healthy as these days because I do not only have the time to buy all that fresh produce on the farmers’ market every Wednesday, but also for cooking and trying new dishes.

Now that the temperatures have finally decreased to bearable and pleasant, I also find that I might want to take the time to explore a little more. On Friday I went to the Met, which is actually my favorite museum in the City, even though I don’t visit often. I enjoyed several hours of strolling through my favorite exhibitions (old Greeks, Ottoman Empire, the Temple of Dendur) and dreaming myself away to alien lands (well, not that alien, but far away for somebody who doesn’t have a travel permit and hasn’t left this country since October 2019).

|Watched| Outlander, Küchenschlacht, Jungle Cruise, Reminiscence
|Read| Lord of the Rings, Haut ‘Em High, 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World
|Listened to| Bosse
|Done| went to my 4th months pregnancy checkup, nurtured a little summer cold (also went to take a Covid test and was super happy that it turned out to be just an ordinary cold), visited the Met, went to the cinema twice, unpacked most of the boxes that were still standing around
|Eaten| zucchini curry, braised cabbage, cauliflower salad, pizza, eggplant curry, kohlrabi soup
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| I love having all my books back on shelves
|Been happy| when the pregnancy checkup showed that everything is well
|Laughed| a few times when watching “Jungle Cruise”
|Desired| my work permit or at least my travel permit
|Bought| fresh produce on our farmers’ market, fall candles
|Clicked| these sound exactly like my piece of cake: Blackberry Lavender Lemon Bars; I realized this week that if I don’t get my work permit, I could travel and enjoy the New England fall later on this year: Fall in Vermont: Best Places for a Foliage Road Trip; I really liked this advice: Take These Words and Phrases out of Your Relationship Vocabulary ASAP

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