My September 2021 Goals

Woah, can you believe that it is September already? I feel the year only just started. Although at this point I think I shall be glad once 2021 is over. Staying at home right now makes me reflect my goals. Most of my monthly goals are little things to improve my routines or try out new things. But I think this is also the opportunity to think on a larger scale when it comes to my personal and professional goals: Where do I see myself in a year or three or five? Because I will receive my work permit eventually and I do not think I see myself as a (right now cat) mother and housewife forever (although a job that allowed me a daily afternoon nap would be dope!).

My Goals for September 2021 are:

  • set up our fall decoration
  • try to cook at least one African dish
  • go apple picking
  • enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible and
  • make some plans of what we need to purchase for the little one
  • convince Rich to install our living room blinds
  • finally make kürt böre‎ǧi myself
  • contemplate personal and professional goals for the next years and write them down

(goals as long as I am not allowed to work):

  • go on a little (half-)day trip once a week
  • work on my blog daily (when I am at home)
  • find an everyday routine that is productive
  • visit our farmer’s market every Wednesday
  • take the time to update both my CV and my Linkedin profile

My Goals for August 2021 were:

  • unpack most moving boxes √ – only most because the second half of my closet still cannot be ordered
  • set up the furniture we ordered once they arrive √ – we did because we wanted to get rid of all the boxes
  • change our driver’s license address √ – it was actually super easy
  • go to my fingerprint appointment for the Green Card √ – that was a rather pleasant appointment
  • apply for expedited processing of my work permit (I really really urgently need it for the new school year) √ – I did, they just failed to process it
  • find out how we access our roof top √ – haha, they have that giant explanation next to the door that one needs a card to open it, but the door is actually unlocked
  • get back into blogging regularly √ – I tried my best
  • finally send the letter to register for voting in the upcoming German parliamentary elections √ – I finally did and received confirmation that it arrived in Germany
  • visit at least one NYC museum √ – the Met on 27 August
  • continue to buy regional produce at the farmers’ market √ – my Wednesday activity
  • get an overview of all my beauty and makeup products (now that they are all in one place, they look slightly more than I thought) √ – yeah, slightly more …
  • see some live show (theater or concert or similar) in NYC Χ – this wasn’t for lack of trying, we went to the Jason Mraz concert that was then cancelled because of Hurricane Henri
  • cook one thing from my 101 Things in 1001 Days list Χ – I cooked a lot, just none of the specific recipes
  • spend at least one day at the beach Χ – unfortunately no

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