Week in review: 22 – 28 April 2019

I thought I’d use my weekly reviews to tell you more about our apartment search:

Apt. 2: Well, we never got to see it because they didn’t allow cats. Although the apartment was listed as petfriendly. Interestingly, the agent just blamed the website. Sure …

Apt. 3: Close to 54th Street. We were there a little early and met a woman outside who told us that she had looked at more than fifty apartments this week. When we then went upstairs, she just took one look and left immediately. By now I think that that is actually the right approach. The apartment was alright, but too dark and it just didn’t feel right. Like when I mentioned that one of the windows was cracked and the agent replied that they’d repair it and substract the cost from the current lessee’s deposit. Also, there wasn’t any laundry in the building and no laundromat anywhere close. This makes me wonder how Manhattanites actually do their laundry?

Apt. 4: On 44th Street. So far my favorite one. Yes, it was more expensive, but it was in a really nice highrise with plenty of closets, a fully equiped kitchen, space, laundry in the building, a rooftop terrace and even a gym. The location was great as well because it was only three blocks from Grand Central. Well, we didn’t apply for it because we both need to be utterly convinced. And it would have been a little pricy since rent starts on 1 June and we can’t move that early. But I hope very much that we’ll find something similar in the future.

Apt. 5: On 55th Street. It was okay, not badly cut. But the bedroom really fit only the bed. The kitchen was bigger, but that didn’t add anything really because it still didn’t come with a dishwasher or a tiny corner to put a table in. And again: How do they do laundry up there in the 50 something streets? Would somebody care to enlighten me, please?

Apt. 6: The open house is today and we have decided not to look at it anymore because it is so similar to apartments no. 1, 3 and 5.

I have learned this week that I would like to go for a slightly fancier apartment that costs a little more (and would still be cheaper than what each of us pays now). Although if we found a steal, I wouldn’t mind either. A dishwasher and an in building laundry though would certainly be convenient. And I realized that I would use a rooftop terrace (or balcony) a lot, esp. during my longer summer vacation. Else, I will end up walking outside and spending quite a lot of money for coffee, etc. Since I’m going back to Boston tonight, we’ll take a break of two weeks from our apartment search. We still have time, apartments for mid-June or 1 July haven’t even been advertised yet. I am still positively shocked though how amazing the rental market in Manhattan is in contrast to Boston. There are so many available and affordable apartments. And one day we’ll just know when we have found our apartment.

|Watched| Avengers: Endgame, Star Trek
|Read| Dying for Chocolate, Dead in the Water, Sapiens: A brief history of humankind
|Listened to| different playlists
|Done| went home to Boston for three days, returned to NYC, looked at apartments
|Eaten| German dumplings, cake, enchiladas, Yemen foods
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, tea
|Thought| My reactions are emotional, but my decisions are rational.
|Been happy| very very much – almost two weeks with my boyfriend
|Laughed| at Canavar who couldn’t even sleep because he was so excited when I came home
|Desired| not to have to return to Boston (63 more days and then I won’t)
|Bought| food
|Clicked| {might be inserted later, but it looks like my laptop died today}

© janavar

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