May 2019 Goals

May is one of favorite months. And while I’m writing this post with the heating on once more, I get my hopes up that spring is just around the corner.

1. I’m celebrating another birthday in three weeks. Even though I don’t like my age and specifically the number increasing, I have learned over the years that age doesn’t really mean anything. I mean I still feel more like 27 plus a little more experience. Well, and maybe plus the one or other anti wrinkle cream in my cabinet.
Lives come in all colors and sizes so to speak. While I have friends whose kids are already at the end of middle school, I am always glad that the cat has survived with me for so long. I definitely think it is the perfect time to move to New York City in my mid-thirties and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

May 2019 Goals | janavar

2. We should find an apartment. Even though there is still enough time, it wouldn’t hurt to know where we are moving to in less than two months. I am confident though that we’ll find the right apartment this month. I still hope that it’ll be in some fancy highrise with plenty of closet space. But any apartment that the three of us (yes, I am counting the cat) feel comfortable in will be fine. I at least can’t wait to brush my teeth next to my man while the cat sits next to the sink watching us.

3. Moving preparations. Yep, I also have to start organizing my move, which I am still not thrilled about. There are things I find easier like closing my electricity and gas account. And then there is all the other stuff like packing boxes, getting rid of furniture … Therefore my goal for this weekend is to empty my big dresser and give it away. I really need to start somehow. I wish that at the end of May I’ll have sorted through every room and gotten rid of all furniture (and hopefully some other stuff) I won’t need anymore. I also would like to have rented a moving van by then.

4. I’ll attend my first American wedding on Memorial Day weekend. I still have no idea what to expect. I have obviously watched plenty of U.S. film weddings, but who knows what they are like in reality?! So far I know German and Turkish weddings, both differing a lot from each other. The worst part for now is obviously that I don’t know what to wear. The invitation doesn’t give a dress code. My boyfriend was so nice to even check with the bride, but her reply was I could wear anything. To be honest this doesn’t help me very much. So if you have any idea, what “anything” means for U.S. weddings, please let me know!

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