Friday’s Five

1) Spring time

Spring has finally reached even New England. And I was brave enough to put my winter clothes away this week and take out my summer clothes. I think everything is so much nicer and prettier when it is warm and green outside and I can wear one of my beloved summer dresses instead of ten warm layers.

Friday's Five | janavar

2) Avengers Endgame

I absolutely selflessly *cough* gave two tickets for the “Avengers Endgame” as a birthday gift to my boyfriend. So we went to watch the movie yesterday evening and really liked it. We even walked home all 25 blocks to have time to discuss what we saw. I mean the beginning seems a little anticlimactic, but it later on all makes sense. I loved how they continued to develop several of the Avenger characters. Without trying to spoil anything: bring tissues.

Oh, and by the way: Have you googled “Thanos” and clicked on his glove? I enjoy this little Google gadget a lot!

3) Podcast: Bad on Paper

I usually don’t like podcasts because it doesn’t work for me to listen to something with concentration and doing something else at the same time. And I normally do always something. But being on the bus more this break had me explore the podcast section at Spotify and so I discovered Bad on Paper and like it a lot. Grace and Becca give life advice, discuss their own lives and that in a very entertaining way. They also discuss books, mostly young adult novels. I immensely enjoy reading those too so the podcast gives me a lot of recommendations.

4) Agatha Frost, Evelyn Amber: The Scarlet Cove Series

I discovered my love for lightweight, entertaining crime novels about two years ago. I think it is mainly thanks to my subscribtion to Kindle Unlimited that I discover more and more of those crime novel series. My latest one has been The Scarlet Cove Series about Liz who is a retired detective and moves to a little town at the sea to open her own art shop. I enjoy reading how she adjusts to life in the place with all its quirky inhabitants who love to gossip. And of course a person gets murdered and Liz can’t totally stay away from it.

Friday's Five | janavar

5) Spring break

I still have two days of spring break left. It has been great to spend so much time with my boyfriend. And also to sleep in – I think I managed an average of 10 hours of sleep every night – and really not do many things at all. I am also spending this weekend in NYC. Our plans so far are to look at a few more apartments, to meet friends in Central Park, to celebrate a friend’s birthday … I already dread a little bit to have to go back to Boston eventually because I have gotten so used to being with my boyfriend every day. At least it is only another two months before we will change the situation for good.


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