Week in review: 2 – 8 January 2017

We’ve made it through the first week of January. Let me tell you that I wasn’t very motivated to start work again on Monday, esp. since New Year’s Day was observed then in the US. That is something I love about the US: Every holiday that is on the weekend is observed on the following Monday. Only that I still had to work, which in general isn’t too bad after a two week vacation. It was more the problem that the whole city was still on holiday mode – like many shops stayed closed or had special opening hours. There was so little traffic in the morning that the busses were too fast – of course I missed both, and because of the holiday schedule I would have had to wait 90 minutes for the next bus. So I took an Uber to work. After Monday my new year mood improved a lot because the city now starts to hustle and bustle with a new found energy. Everybody still tries to stick to his resolutions, students slowly return to Harvard and MIT, and thanks to the heavy snow from yesterday people exercise a lot, i.e. by clearing the snow. And we have the next federal holiday coming up already on 16 January.

|Watched| Westworld, Just our luck, Catastrophe, Im besten Alter, Lotta & die alten Eisen
|Read| The Man in the High Castle
|Listened to| some pop music
|Done| worked, relaxed, tidied up my drawer full of lipsticks and jewelry, took a long walk and many photos of Boston in snow
|Eaten| kohlrabi, salad, lentil soup, poached eggs on avocado bread, fish
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, margaritas, Corona
|Thought| Oh Beacon Hill is a nice area in Boston!
|Been happy| yes, it snowed! and our superintendant at work has such a cute puppy
|Laughed| at many cheap jokes
|Desired| a blizzard during the week of course and not on the weekend :-p
|Bought| a spinning lipstick tower
|Clicked| this article “On making new friends” because I also think this is more difficult the older I become; this lipstick color is sooo soooooooo pretty, but I try to behave and not order it; I read it and made this aioli at once (together with shiitakes)

© janavar

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