Beauty: November & December 2016 empties

For a while I just threw the packages away once I had emptied a beauty product. But I like to read the empties posts on other blogs. And when I collect them, it also motivates me to first use up one product before using another. My biggest problem though is using up makeup products. It happens so rarely that I wonder if I am still going to have all of them when I retire. Maybe I can try and be more successful in 2017. I even put makeup on on % 99.9 of all days. So either I buy long-lasting products of great quality or my makeup selection is too big. I am musing it might be the latter. It is in any case far easier for me to empty care products – as I prove once more when we look at the products I used up in the last two months.

Tonymoly Super Peeling Liquid: I use this peeling about twice a year to get rid of calluses and instead get amazingly soft feet. It is super easy to use, and a few days after having used the peeling, the horny skin comes off. I am always rebuying it. There is a lovely Tonymoly shop in Koreatown in Midtown Manhattan where I buy mine.

Trader Joe’s ultra moisturizing hand cream with Argan oil: I bought it because the packaging appealed to me. The cream was awesome, too, as I learned when using it. It was very rich and perfect for my hands, which always tend to be a little dry. I would buy it again, but I’m not sure if it is always available at Trader Joe’s – which is because I go there so rarely.

Bath & Body Works Fresh Sparkling Snow nourishing hand cream: There is this one Bath & Body Works store in downtown Boston. Whenever I’m there, I feel the urge to enter because everything smells so good. This hand cream moisturized my hands and the smell was amazing.

Body & Earth Cherry Blossom body butter: I’ve got about a dozen of these little boxes, each smelling differently. I loved the cherry blossom smell, but this definitely isn’t a body butter – no matter what’s the name. It is a good body lotion though.

White Tea shower gel: It wasn’t anything special, but did the job. The smell was subtle.

Wet n wild Megaplump mascara: I love the Wet n wild mascaras. I don’t think you can get any better results, and they come at such a little price. My favorite of them is the Max Volume Plus mascara. This one did a fine job though, and I love the travel sizes for whenever I go away on trips.

BRTC Overnight Pore Tightener: This one had been on my shelf for ages and I only wanted to empty it. I am not sure if this gel is to be blamed or a serum that I used at the same time, but my skin had a very bad breakout. So either it didn’t do anything or it made my skin worse. I therefore won’t buy it again. Actually, I should also throw away said serum.

Dermal Gold Collagen Essence Mask: This facial mask sheet was pleasant, but nothing special. It gave my skin a nice glow for Christmas Eve though, hehe.

Skin + Pharmacy Advanced acne therapy Clarifying daily cleanser: I love this cleanser because it helps prevent breakouts. It contains % 2 salicylic acid, and at $ 11 it is affordable. A new bottle is already in use.

Batiste Original dry shampoo: This is my favorite dry shampoo. Esp. since I have my hair colored red, I use more dry shampoo to keep the color bright as long as possible. I have already got a new bottle.

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