Week in review: 19 December – 25 December 2016

Christmas always passes pretty quickly. I spent two days at and with my friends, and now I am back at home. Canavar and I spend some more time on the sofa. The Christmas tree and the Advent wreath are lit. And I assume it’s going to be a cosy last week of the year. Even though I need to get some work done, I plan on relaxing as much as possible and enjoy Boston. I only learned on Friday that they sell mulled wine and bratwurst on the winter market. Also I still want to go ice skating. Unfortunately, their rink was closed on Friday. But since winter is only starting, I am sure I’ll have many opportunities to go ice skating soon. The only thing I really like about winter is that in Boston the days are usually very bright and sunny. That improves my mood a lot while I’m freezing despite several layers and a very warm down coat. At least winter also always passes by. Eventually.

|Watched| nothing
|Read| I heart Christmas, The girl on the train
|Listened to| Christmas music of course, the Boston Pops
|Done| was on my trip to Las Vegas, returned home, bought the last Christmas presents, cleaned my apartment, celebrated Christmas
|Eaten| seafood, lots of desserts, döner, tomato soup, goose with dumplings and red cabbage
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, mulled wine, champagne
|Thought| I like living here.
|Been happy| all week long
|Laughed| when I came home from Vegas and the cat already meowed when I was still downstairs
|Desired| nothing
|Bought| Christmas presents
|Clicked| not much


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