Merry Christmas 2016!

Christmas Eve has finally arrived. For us Germans it is the most important of these holidays because we already receive our presents this evening. No patience to sleep and wait for another night, haha. I am in no rush today. Christmas music has been playing for days now, and I still can’t hear enough of it. I got up in time this morning to call my granny while I had breakfast. The whole family gathers at her house every Christmas Eve so I had the chance to talk to everyone. Of course this year my granny is even happier because her cat is back [here]. I have also cuddled with Canavar a lot already, later on he is getting a big portion of his favorite wet food. And since it’s Christmas, he might already have had one chew treat or two. I am now going to wrap the last gifts, make lunch, and then I’m off to meet my friend and her family. It just so happened that they have an extra ticket so that I join them earlier than planned to go and see the Boston Pops for their holiday concert. Afterwards we go to my friend’s house and it’s going to be a traditional German Christmas Eve.

I hope you have splendid holidays ahead and spend them with your friends and/or family. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2016!”

  1. Merry Christmas
    Do you have White Christmas?
    Yes, we German are impatient, we unwrap our presrnts on 24th.
    I wear my Christmas Jumper and nobody grasps why I do it. Really funny. But I like the Irish tradition.

    LG Myriam

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