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This is my 118th blog post this year. Considering that I hardly blogged from June till September, that is a pretty high number. I find it always interesting to see which posts you like most. Over the years there have been two long runners, my recipes for künefe and quince dessert, and how to get from Istanbul to the beach in Kilyos at the Black Sea. I am still not exactly sure why that is, esp. the second one. The desserts I understand of course because they are also my favorite ones. If I only look at my posts published this year, these have been your favorite 10.

1. Fashion: Stripes, pink & happy

This is one of my favorite outfits I wore this year. It screams Carrie Bradshaw and of course I wore it when I was in New York City with my parents, specifically when we went to see the “Lion King”.

Fashion: Stripes, pink & happy

2. Recipe: Turkish açma

Oh, I love açma, and apparently so do you. It’s a fluffy kind of bagel. I should make it again soon. Recently, I have become lazy when it comes to baking. Instead I buy my favorite white bread in my favorite Middle Eastern shop every week. They know me already and I always get some candy.

Recipe: Turkish açma

3. My birthday wish list 2016

I actually didn’t get anything from the list, but eventually bought the shoes and the Rick Riordan novel myself. Also thanks to Black Friday, I have the wifi SD card and a speedlight flash now, although a different one. But you know, it’s going to be my next birthday in May, and I’d still be interested in the other book and the world map …

4. There is something not quite right about my February

February is always a stressful time. It is when winter is just dragging and I’d prefer to lie on a beach in the hot sun. Will it be different in 2017? I would hope so, but I don’t think so. It’s just always the same – unless I find a super cheap offer and fly into the warm south during winter break at the end of February.

There is something not quite right about my February

5. 15 things that make me happy

But at least there are always loads of things that make me happy. Even though I sometimes tend to forget about them. Hm, looking at the photo I kind of miss my long hair. Just saying.

6. Happy New Year from snowy Istanbul

That was my first post this year. I still love the snow pictures because Istanbul in snow is magic – as long as you don’t live there. I’m still waiting for the first winter storm here in Boston. But I guess it won’t arrive before January.

Happy New Year from snowy Istanbul!

7. Outfit: Just don’t care

I took these photos when I was in Brooklyn for the first time. I love the graffiti walls there and also my pants. Best good mood pants ever.

Outfit: Just don't care

8. #Sultanahmet – Terrorism is evil, always and everywhere

It is one of the big sad topics of this year: terror attacks. There was a bad one in Istanbul in January. I eventually stopped writing about them. Not because they don’t affect me anymore. But because there were so many of them this year, and despite all the pain it is important to also focus on more positive things.

9. I love my new dentist, or: My goals for 2016

I really love my dentist. No kidding. When I went there for the second time in August, he had just bought new dental treatment chairs with a massage function. Today my roommate received a card from her dentist saying it’s time for her next check-up (yup, I’m unashamed, I read other people’s postcards). I first thought it would be for me, and I am sad that I have to wait another two months before I can have my next check-up.

10. Proud of myself

As I should be.

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