Week in review: 12 – 18 April 2021

This was a busy week. Even though I normally rather dislike them, I wrote a list with all my tasks for work so that I wouldn’t forget any. But eventually I finally caught up and can now take a breath. Although on Friday I got home so late that I missed our dinner date. We only managed to make it to the movies in time, which we had already bought tickets for. So Friday dinner for me was popcorn with cherry coke. Not the worst though.

Else, we are still waiting for our attorney to finish checking the contract for the apartment we want to buy. Fingers crossed that things are moving along. In anticipation we have started to look for moving boxes. I think I should start with packing all my books because that is a rather easy task. Yeah, I still hate moving. But hopefully this will be the last move in a very long time.

|Watched| Voyagers
|Read| The Office of Historical Corrections, A Deadly Education, The Power, A Book A Week, A Little Slice of Death
|Listened to| mostly 90s and early 2000s playlists
|Done| worked quite a lot, but also managed to not do much over the weekend, went to the movies, I finally paid a visit to my hairdresser after 15 months
|Eaten| salads, grits, popcorn, Polish dinner with pierogi and different meats
|Drunk| water, coffee, cherry coke, warm beer
|Thought| I could do with another week of vacation
|Been happy| when our lawyer informed us that my Green Card application has been submitted
|Laughed| about Arti and Lotti being wonderful and typical kittens
|Desired| I am looking mostly at furniture and decorations now that our move approaches slowly:

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|Bought| birthday gift for my dad, movie tickets, a few things from the Sephora sale
|Clicked| not much because I worked a lot

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