Week in review: 18 – 24 January 2021

This week was, eh, interesting. It started so euphoricly. The previous president left Washington D.C. and we all celebrated Biden’s inauguration. I also had my first Covid-19 vaccination appointment on Wednesday afternoon, which I was stoked about … fast forward … On Thursday morning I woke up with a fever. That alone made me call in sick for work. But over the next few hours I developed all the beautiful side effects one can only imagine: a headache, severe body aches, diarrhea, nausea, shoulder pain, a slightly numb hand. Yes, it has been most wonderful to experience a short version of the Covid infection I had last April once more. Not. Not at all. It is the most horrible disease ever. My body does such a great job fighting it that even the first vaccine dose totally knocked me out.

I spent three days in bed. With the exception that I went to get a PCR test on Friday because I am not allowed back at work if I can’t provide a negative test result. At the point of writing this post (at 7.30 p.m. on Sunday), I am still waiting and hoping that I’ll receive the result before tomorrow 8 a.m. But mostly I really just lay in bed and tried to find a position where my whole body hurt the least (FYI, I took pain killers regularly, but they could only do so much). At least I usually had both kittens sleeping next to me.

Since the theory is that people who suffered more from a Covid-19 infection also react much more on the vaccines with side effects, we expect the second dose to knock me out at least as much. Possibly even more and longer because my body will have even more of the vaccine proteins to deal with. I already have my appointment and it is in less than four weeks. Despite the side effects, I am still very much looking forward to it because hopefully it will be the last for a long time that I have to be afraid of this horrible virus.

|Watched| Brigerton, the Jumanji movies, Bridget Jones’ Baby
|Read| Children of Blood and Bone, Shot Through the Tart, It Starts with the Egg, Peaches and Scream, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, Dread and Butter
|Listened to| Roxette
|Done| worked, celebrated Biden’s inauguration, got the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, developed side effects and spent several days in bed
|Eaten| lasagne, shrimps with fennel and orange, nohut, gözleme
|Drunk| water, coffee, herbal tea, chocolate liqueur
|Thought| Yes, of course I am having strong side effects. I have a wonderful immune system. One like my 90 year old granny.
|Been happy| new president and my vaccination
|Laughed| there were so many great memes about the Trumps leaving the White House and then about Bernie everywhere

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|Bought| Barack Obama’s biography
|Clicked| mostly articles about the inauguration and then some about Covid-19 (and vaccine side effects)

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  1. Mein Gott! Das beschreibt sehr gut das Für und Wider und warum man es dennoch machen sollte. Allerdings habe ich jetzt doch ein bisschen Angst vor der Impfung, obwohl bei uns noch gar nicht klar ist, wann wir jemals drankommen.

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