Optimism on 20 January 2021

Today has been a wonderful day. First of all, it snowed when we got up. After I had wined for a while for snow (I mean even Istanbul and Northern Germany had recently gotten snow after all), we finally got our own fine covering of snow this morning. Obviously, this wasn’t the most exciting event of the day, but it helped set the tone.

President Biden & Vice President Harris

Especially the last two months were such a mud fight politically, culminating in the storming of the Capitol on 6 January. While I am aware that there are plenty of Trump followers out there, around here everybody breathed a sigh of relief today. The new president and vice president were sworn in – another milestone in history with Harris becoming the first female vice president and the first of color. I totally agree to the first actions the new government has taken, like rejoining the Paris Agreement or abolishing the travel ban for several Muslim countries.

At a bar in Harlem

We plan on watching the inauguration TV special in about fifteen minutes and toast to the new government – I am also a little curious about Tom Hanks moderating. Besides, Rich and I both loved the poem Arman Gorman delivered today during the actual inauguration ceremony:

My first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination

What a day! Not only did the U.S. get a new president, but I also had a personal reason to be extra happy: I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. Teachers in New York State have been authorized for 10 days to also be vaccinated and I couldn’t wait for my appointment. After school I took the train to Harlem and went to their public hospital. I mean I knew the general procedure of the vaccination from my colleagues. And of course also from Rich, who, as a doctor, was vaccinated a few weeks ago. Like him I also received the Moderna vaccine. I can only stress how great it is that we can already be vaccined. I still remember how sick I was last April when I suffered from Covid and spent three weeks in bed. One of the very low points of 2020. With the vaccination, things are looking much more up now. Today at the clinic they worked very efficiently. I checked in, filled in one more form, then I was given the appointment for the second dose in four weeks, and after all of that I was finally vaccinated. Just like any other vaccination that was short and painless. They then had me wait in another area for 15 minutes before I could leave. By that time I felt some pressure in my arm. Hopefully that remains my only side effect.

Because people asked before: It is not %100 proven if people suffering from Covid have long lasting immunity. The last thing I read was that the WHO states an immunity length of about 6 months. Apparently, there have also been many people all over the world getting Covid a second time. While this second time might be not as bad as the first time, I decline another Covid infection with thanks – and am immensely happy about my vaccination.

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